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Swallowing difficulties

Bernt got rid of severe sleep apnoea and reflux

Bernt had severe sleep apnoea, which was discovered by his wife. However, it was reflux that kept him awake at night. He treated both problems effectively using IQoro.
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“I’m very pleased that I discovered IQoro.”

Gary suffered from a hiatal hernia, with symptoms like indigestion, heartburn and reflux for ten years. The medication he took (PPI) was to be reviewed but never was. When he started training with IQoro he finally found a solution.
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My partner thought I was a hypochondriac

Magnus has always been a bii of a hypochondriac, so when food started to get stuck in his throat, his thoughts turned to cancer. He hardly thought that the solution would be a little plastic training device.
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Petter with an acquired brain damage improved with IQoro

Petter suffered serious injuries after a car accident and had difficulty eating and talking afterwards. Through training with IQoro, he has started recovering.
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“My fear lead to social isolatation”

Dagmar Gustafsson had swallowing difficulties and an inflated stomach for several years. It took 10 years until she was lucky enough to meet a speech therapist who could prescribe IQoro.
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