Treat your condition – completely naturally

As we have explained before, there is an effective way to treat a Hiatus hernia – the underlying cause of symptoms such as reflux, heartburn, persistent cough, ‘stuck in throat’ and swallowing difficulties. The treatment consists of simple training of the inner musculature using an IQoro neuromuscular training device. 90 seconds per day gives a […]

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Reduce the symptoms, or treat the underlying cause?

Here we are going to describe some of the ways that you can start to feel better and reduce the effects of Hiatus hernia such as: heartburn, acidic reflux, persistent cough, a ‘stuck in the throat’ feeling, or swallowing difficulties. We’ll talk about what you can do to get some immediate relief, but mostly about […]

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Why Hiatus hernia causes so many different symptoms

We will start here by explaining what a Hiatus hernia is, and why it is the underlying cause of a range of common symptoms, including: heartburn acidic reflux difficulty in swallowing (solids) a feeling of something ‘stuck’ in the throat Today we will describe what happens when you have symptoms. The next mail will describe how […]

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