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Hit by a stroke in the prime of life – IQoro turned things around

Helene Andersson was only 39 years old when she had a stroke after an incident on the ski slopes. Thanks to the neuromuscular treatment IQoro Helen got help years after the event.

With a hectic job in advertising she excused her balance, memory and concentration problems as being the result of stress or the start of middle age. The doctors had no explanation either. After two weeks Helene went back to work armed with a neck brace and morphine tablets.

Life took a new turn.

Five years later, 2008 when the big stroke hit, they could see the traces of two earlier attacks. Thanks to the neuromuscular treatment IQoro Helen got help – a year after the event – with her speech- and swallowing difficulties, and life took a new turn.

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“What a fantastic invention IQoro is!

When I was struck by Wallenberg’ syndrome (a rare condition in which an infarction, or stroke, occurs in the lateral medulla. This condition is also sometimes called lateral medullary infarction) there was nobody who told me what dysarthria (speech difficulties) and dysphagia (swallowing difficulties) were.

Very poor, when we know that they are common after such a stroke. I got certain help from a speech and language therapist to help me learn to swallow again, but it didn’t work properly.

My speech became slurred and I snored like a little pig.

The muscles in the esophagus and mouth were weakened, and food often got stuck in my throat. My speech became slurred, I found it difficult to articulate myself, suffered from acid reflux, was always phlegmy in my throat – and snored like a little pig!

An operation was the only alternative

It was first, seven years later, that it was discovered that I had had a severe hiatal hernia. A contributing factor was the weakened musculature. My only alternative – according to the doctors – was an operation that would have to be repeated every other year. Operations after three strokes? No thank you! I just didn’t dare.

I was still in my 40s and wondered if the rest of my life would be characterised by slurred speech and acid reflux? But then I stumbled over IQoro.

Now I have exercised for roughly a year with this neuromuscular training device. As a result, the acid reflux, phlegmy cough and snoring disappeared bit by bit, pretty quickly.

Nowadays I speak markedly better and I can even read text out loud to a greater degree than before. My self-confidence has had a boost too. Recently, I did something I certainly never dared to dream of doing: I held a speech at a 60-year birthday party. It was a big challenge, but I dared because I don’t slur any more.

Even her husband started training – cured his snoring

IQoro has meant a lot for my husband as well who is a professional chauffeur. He has been troubled by snoring and sleep apnoea for many years. Today, he is completely free of trouble and wakes fit and fully rested every morning, which is of great importance in his profession.

My little turquoise friend has been a big miracle.

It should be everybody’s right to get the chance to rehabilitate themselves with IQoro. For me, my little turquoise friend has been a big miracle.

I just want to say thank you!”

Helene Andersson, Orust, Sweden