The history of MYoroface (the company behind IQoro)

MYoroface was founded in 2012 to commercialize the product IQoro in order to make the treatment available to many more. These are important milestones in the company’s history.


Mary Hägg is a world-renowned specialist in orofacial medicine; first as a dentist, and then as a Doctor of Medicine. She has worked with treatment of eating and swallowing disorders for more than 20 years. Ylvali Gerling and Linn Hägg, crystallize her research and the device that she invents into a business model that immediately comes in the top 12 of the prestigious Venture Cup.


MYoroface AB is founded to develop the development of IQoro and works starts immediately to raise seed finance to develop the product. Patents are applied for, professional designers are contracted and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in Swedish healthcare are identified and contacted.

MYoroface is awarded a SKAPA grant for its innovation.


Both the product’s CE mark status, and its patent are granted.

State-body ALMI invests and the IQoro product is launched in June.

Work starts in marketing to regional health authorities through visits and product demonstrations. Individuals begin to order IQoro devices through the company’s prototype website.

The company now has three full-time employees and opens offices in Hudiksvall and the Sahlgrenska Science Park, Gothenburg: both in Sweden.


The company is chosen to take part in the Go Global MedTech incubator programme in which an international expansion strategy is developed and agreed. The initial focus is to be the UK market which is strategic for a MedTech product company for many reasons.

MYoroface wins the state-sponsored ALMI pitch competition, and the first prize for the best expansion plan in the Go Global Med Tech programme.


Additional investment secured from ALMI Invest and two early-stage investors. Experienced consultant engaged to focus on National Health Service expansion in UK.

MYoroface wins recognition as one of Sweden’s ten most innovative entrepreneurs.


The company sponsors several prestigious UK medical conferences, including providing keynote speeches, scientific study abstracts and posters.

Launches new multi-language website with medical knowledge hub and e-commerce capability. The website’s competence in describing the symptoms and treatment of dysphagia, Hiatus hernia, reflux, LPR, GERD, stroke, sleep apnoea, snoring, etc. are internationally recognised.

Some individuals with the above symptoms demonstrate that they want results over and above those that they are receiving from the state systems and order through the company’s website.

MYoroface wins the ‘Company of the Year’ and ´Boost Innovation Award’


The company continues to develop its website knowledge hub, and its e-commerce presence in Sweden and the UK. When the company has achieved solid success in achieving B2C and business-to-institutions sales in the UK, it will investigate and develop other international markets.

MYoroface wins a grant from the Ahlgrens charity foundation and receives the title “The Innovation of the Year” at Hudiksvalls Entrepreneurship Gala “Hylla”