MYoroface takes its responsibilities seriously

MYoroface takes responsibility for a sustainable development through driving its business in a responsible way and focusing on those areas where its activities have the most effect on people and our environment. As our customer, you should feel safe doing business with us.

We involve each of our employees in sustainability work which creates pride and awareness of our responsibilities: from manufacturing, to customers, to the way in which our products can eventually be disposed of according to an integrated environmental policy.

  • Health –  we strive for better health for our customers, as well as for our employees.
  • Legal requirements –  we follow all the relevant laws and directives.
  • Suppliers –  we set high standards for those suppliers that wish to deliver to us. We make the most effective use of transport in all our activities, and prioritise the most environmentally friendly alternative. As a result we often choose the most locally-based suppliers in order to minimise the negative effects of transport.
  • Environment –  we minimise our environmental footprint by collecting used products, and by minimising the effect of exhaust gases from transport. We strive to use environmentally approved products in our business. We shall always aim for constant improvement and to monitor developments in relevant areas.
  • Employees –  employees’ health, diversity and equality encourages us, and helps us to satisfy our customers’ various requirements. We consciously raise issues relating to the environment with all our employees and encourage them to respect our environment in their daily work. We organise our environmental activities so that it becomes a natural part of each employee’s daily work.
  • Profitability – long-term profitability is a precondition for us to be able to continue as a  competitive MedTech manufacturer and supplier and to distribute our much-needed products across the world.