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The team behind IQoro

The company behind IQoro is called Myoroface. We are a medtech company based in Hudiksvall and Gothenburg, in Sweden.

The team behind IQoro is lead by Ylvali Gerling, CEO, and Linn Hägg, Marketing and Sales manager – the founders of the company.

Emplyees and board members at MYorofaced

The team consists of a specialist nurse, a cheerful customer support, a creative marketing team and a driven UK-team that focuses on getting IQoro into the British market. Additionally, we also have a competent finance department and a very clever IT System Developer in the team.

We have a lot of fun together and we laugh a lot. We all have a strong will to grow, learn and improve, and we really want to make a difference in peoples lives.

Please read more about us below.

Ylvali Gerling at IQoro

Ylvali Gerling

Co-founder, CEO


As the CEO, I choose the direction of the company. It offers exciting contacts and experiences. I am driven by the opportunity to give people an improved quality of life.

I have a degree in business economy with a marketing focus and I have worked in smaller and bigger companies internationally before we founded MYoroface.

If I have any free time, it is spent on training and family activities. Accurate aim: Third place in air gun shooting at USM.

Linn Hägg at IQoro

Linn Hägg

Co-founder, Cheif Business Development Officer

In my role, I work with the marketing team to reach new and existing customers through digital and traditional media.

I have a degree in business economy and a master’s degree in marketing. I have been working with digital commerce and marketing in various roles since 2009.

I have backpacked in South America, lived in New Zealand and sailed a month in the French Polynesia Islands.

Mary - team IQoro

Mary Hägg

Co-founder, Inventor

I’m the inventor of IQoro and I am acting as an expert on medical and product-related matters.

I’m a hospital dental surgeon and an Associate Professor of experimental research in ear, nose and throat diseases.

In my spare time, I enjoy working in my garden and spending time with my children and grandchildren.

Maria Gårdlund



As COO i am responsible for the operational part of the company´s acticvities. MYoroface is in the middle of an exciting phase of growth, which gives us the opportunity to help even more people.

I have a background in management consulting and tech, having worked as a CEO for 13 years at a tech start-up and at two affiliates of a listed company.

In my free time I enjoy walking my dog and tend my garden.

Michelle Grassman

Medically responsible

I am the medically responsible specialist at MYoroface, and our point of contact for the health care sector.

A trained nurse with a background in intensive care, emergency care and cardiac care I most recently worked in private sector primary care.

Outside of work I live an active lifestyle and enjoy family time. Previously lived in the USA and Germany.

Linda Joneland

Communications Director

I lead the PR and strategic communications to strengthen the brand and position MYoroface as a key player in the health-tech industry. I have a background from national and multinational companies in Sweden and abroad with a Bachelor’s degree majoring in Strategic Communications.

Working for MYoroface is incredibly rewarding, spreading the word about IQoro and helping millions of people to a better everyday life.

I am a mother of three and enjoy living an active life.

Torbjörn Sandblad at IQoro

Torbjörn Sandblad

Head of Digital Sales

My job is to get IQoro recognised across the world online through digital channels.

I studied Business Administration and have a background in sales and marketing. I am not really a tech nerd, but am solution focused and the posibilities of the web makes online communication the most exciting thing you can work with.

When I am not at work, I spend time with my family, biking or listening to a podcast. Podcasts range from marketing and e-commerce to football, which I have spent most of my life playing and supporting.

Rizwan Wikholm at IQoro

Rizwan Wikholm

Creative Producer

I am responsible for our graphic appearance in all media. The best thing about my job is to work actively with the marketing strategy and turn it into interesting movies and photos.

In my spare time, I film and shoot for Getty Images, or drink coffee at my favorite café Nöller and listen to stock market podcasts.

I have run my own media production company for over ten years, and before that I worked as Executive Sales Manager at Saabgroup.

Karin Molin

Marketing Coordinator

I’m responsible for the production of print ads and printed matter. I manage and produce marketing and communications content while also monitoring the use of our graphic profile.

I’m a layout artist with completed studies in drama and media and communications. I previously worked as production manager at the Gothenburg municipality.

It’s wonderful to work with improving others’ lives and to see the fantastic results.

My free time is spent out at sea or in the forest.

Malin Norberg at IQoro

Malin Norberg

Web Content & SEO Specialist

My main responsibility is to create and optimise content on our website. I have a background in site- and content management and SEO, and I’ve lived in Malta for several years before starting in the MYoroface marketing team.

The best thing about working with IQoro is to be able to help people to get a better life through my knowledge about web content.

I like to hike, cook food and travel to places with turqoise oceans when I have some time off.

Mats Lustig

Web Content Editor

My responsibility is to create and optimise content for our website. I have a background in e-commerce, web development and journalism.

Great colleagues, an innovative environment and a groundbreaking product makes MYoroface a fantastic place to work. It feels awesome to spend workdays helping people improve their everyday life.

My free time is mainly divided between friends, hiking and working out – preferably climbing, pushing weights or enjoying racket sports.

Ellinor Lindholm

Customer Journey Specialist

In my job I reach out to our customers and potential customers through our digital channels. I have a background as a copywriter and content producer in e-commerce.

Working with IQoro, I spend my days aming to give people a higher quality of life. This makes every workday really rewarding.

In my free time I enjoy nature, preferably in a hammock reading a book or paddling in a kayak somewhere in Sweden. I am also a sucker for TV series and movies.

Johan Hedqvist


I’m responsible for the financial reporting to the board and owners. I’m driven by the link between economy and health. It’s a privilege to be a part of the development of this company.

I’ve worked almost 20 years with economics at smaller and bigger companies – most recently as CFO and VP at a dental company.

In my free time I enjoy fishing, golf and running, with run streak and Stockholm Marathon as dangling carrots.

Mohamed Abdullahi at IQoro

Mohamed Abdullahi

Financial Assistant

I’m working at the MYoroface finance department and my main responsibilities are accounting and reporting to the CFO. I have studied International Buiness, but realized later on that I prefer working with accounting. 

The best thing about my job is that I get to be part of a company that really makes a difference in the life of real people. 

Quite a lot of my spare time is spent on the football field, where I both play and referee football. I also enjoy some video games every now and then.

Anette Kristiansson

Financial Assistant

In my work role I assist the financial and the marketing departments. My work gives me great variety and interesting challenges but above all, it is so meaningful to work with a product as important as IQoro.

I have a background in different trades and roles but health tech is completely new to me. For an ”old” alumnae of the humanities department everything is science fiction.

I spend my free time enjoying genealogy, building preservation, photography, video games and gardening.

Johan Zetterberg at IQoro

Johan Zetterberg

IT System Developer

I’m keeping track of the computer systems at MYoroface. I’m self-taught and have previously worked as a system developer, web developer and with game development. 

What I like most about this company is that it’s based on science, and that we can help people to a better health through this research.

When I’m not at the computer, I enjoy working out. I’ve previously been competing in cross country skiing and athletics, but nowadays I’m mainly spending time in the gym.

Malin Hägg at IQoro

Malin Hägg

Logistics manager

I work at the head office in Hudiksvall and I am responsible for logistics and warehouse management. My latest education at the university is Industrial Economics.

It is exciting to work for a research-driven medtech company that is on the rise and where we all work towards a common goal.

In my spare time I relax with rock music and video games.

Jörgen Westerlund at IQoro

Jörgen Westerlund

Team Leader Customer Support 

When you contact us, you might get to speak with me. As the Team Lead in customer support, my team and I will try our best to help you.

When I am not answering questions about IQoro, my life is all about music and veteran vehicles. I play mandolin, guitar and sing in several bands.

When the winter arrives to northern Sweden, then my life is all about snowboards and snowmobiles.

Ana at MYoroface

Ana de Pablos

Customer Support

I’m working with customer support and logistics at MYoroface. The best thing about my job is the feedback I get from happy customers that have gotten the right support in their treatment, and to feel like we’re making a difference in people’s lives.

I’m passionate about the connection between people, and I’ve previously worked in HR.

As a contrast to my social worklife, I also love fishing. The peace and quiet in nature, combined with the excitement of fishing is like yoga for my soul.

Lisa Sjölander

Customer Support

I’m working at our customer support, answering questions through phone, email and social media from new and existing customers.

The best thing about my role is that I get to help our customers on a daily basis, and the gratitude I get back is something I really appreciate and get energy from! That’s what makes my job feel both important and meaningful.

During my time off, I enjoy working out, exploring new places and hang out with friends and family.

Elisabeth Östlin at IQoro

Elisabeth Östlin

Customer Support

It is my responsibility to pack and send orders. The best thing about my job is when I think of all the people ordering an IQoro that can now get it delivered and start with their treatment.

I have previously worked with different types of marketing and sales, but right now I’m happy with the very practical work that this role consists of.

When I’m not at work I usually take care of different projects in my old house, or work in my garden.

Malin Johansson

Customer Support

I work in the company’s customer support. Before i joined MYoroface I had friends who had trained successfully with IQoro, which is why I would say the best part of my work is to help so many people getting better.

In my free time i enjoy good wine, food and everything that includes creative use of  shape and color.

Terry Morris at IQoro

Terry Morris

Business Development Director UK

My main focus right now is the international market, with the UK as the first step.

I was born in England, but live in Stockholm since many years. I have previously been a CEO and had senior sales and marketing roles in international medtech and other high-tech companies.

Angie Carter at IQoro

Angie Carter

Independent Consultant

I am an independent consultant and qualified “Allied Health Professional” in the UK, with experience in introducing innovations to the health care system.

At MYoroface, I work with my colleague Terry and help clinics and hospitals implement IQoro in their operations through the IQoro early adopters programs (IQEAP).