problem-to-swallow - Stroke

Dysphagia in the elderly

In this section, we show how carers and relatives can notice the common symptoms of dysphagia in elderly people. We also talk about possible treatments and how IQoro can help the elderly to retain, improve and regain basic life functions like the ability to eat, chew and swallow.

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Facial paralysis

In this section we shall look at the differences between central- and peripheral facial paralysis, and then focus on the latter. Finally, we will talk about how IQoro can help to retrain facial musculature.

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Stroke – a disease for all people, of all ages

Stroke is one of the most widespread diseases in the world and can strike at any time in life, from newborn to the elderly. In this section, we explain how stroke occurs, how you can quickly tell if someone has been affected, what problems can arise after the onset and how some of these weaknesses […]

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