Difficulties to eat

Crucial progress since his accident: Jimmy can eat again!

Jimmy incurred serious brain injuries in an accident and had swallowing difficulties and drooling problems as a result. Here, his assistant Andreas, tells Jimmy’s story to give hope to others.
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Malin began CBT treatment for the swallowing difficulties

Malin Wallin, 25 years, suddenly found it difficult to swallow and plunged in weight. Although she loved to eat, the surroundings reacted as if she had eating disorders to the extent that she doubted herself.
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Achalasia (Achalasia cardiae)

Achalasia (Achalasia cardiae in latin) is a rare sickness of the esophagus that most often occurs in the ages 10 to 30 years [1]. It manifests itself as a disturbance of the motor ability both in the esophagus inner muscle layer, as well as in the lower esophagus mouth, also known as the upper stomach mouth […]

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