That awkward question: “Did you know you snore?”

How do you approach your partner, friend or colleague about them snoring? We have talked to the rhetorician Elaine Eksvärd from the well-known Swedish podcast Snacka snyggt about how to best tell someone that you care about that they sound like a freight train at night.

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“Your voice is a work tool”

We have been given the opportunity to talk to Elaine Eksvärd, rhetorician, lecturer and writer, about the importance of the voice for conversation, and what it’s like to have the voice as a working tool.

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Do you keep clearing your throat because of silent reflux?

Frequently clearing your throat can often be annoying, both to you as the affected person and to your loved ones. We at IQoro have even heard stories from people who say this kind of problem has been close to causing divorce. But did you know that your troubles may be due to silent reflux, and that […]

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Train 148 muscles in 30 seconds in one simple exercise

High-intensity training for 148 muscles in 30 seconds without getting sweaty, at the same time as counteracting a number of ailments such as heartburn, acid reflux and a dry cough. It may sound unbelievable, but in fact it is so easy anyone can do it.

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25 home remedies for heartburn and acid reflux

Here, we’re listing 25 home remedies for heartburn and acid reflux that you can try to relieve heartburn quickly. We also run through how you can treat the root cause of your problems in the long-term, without having to give up the good things in life.

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Snoring + Reflux = True

Snoring and acid reflux are connected. Both problems effectively ruin a good night’s sleep for very many. But, did you know that they have the same root cause: weakened internal muscles? This means that it is common to both snore and have acid reflux. This also means that snoring and acid reflux can be treated […]

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