An effective treatment that makes a big difference to swallowing difficulties, reflux and snoring

Evidence-based treatment of the most common underlying causes of reflux and swallowing difficulties. Effective in treating snoring and sleep apnoea too.

Why IQoro works

Treatment recognised by NICE

IQoro is recognised by the UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) as a new innovative treatment for stroke-related dysphagia and hiatal hernia.

Support services available during office hours. Free-of-charge by telephone, chat or e-mail.

CE marked Class 1 Medical device developed through clinical research and scientific studies.

Internationally patented Swedish innovation. Manufactured and packed in the north of Sweden.

IQoro is manufactured of non-toxic and allergy-free plastic. No known negative side-effects.

Using IQoro in your treatment portfolio

If you would are considering using IQoro with your patients, feel free to make contact directly with our Customer Service desk. Or send an email along with your order to Here you’ll find all the information we require.

We’ll show you how to deploy IQoro treatment

If you want to know more about how to use IQoro in you clinical practice contact us on +46 10 551 67 22 or complete the contact request form.

We can help by phone, via video or with an on-site visit to you.

    Evidence-based treatment

    The advice and support that we give you will be based on 17 peer-reviewed and internationally-published scientific studies.

    Highly financially effective

    IQoro is a cost effective clinical treatment: it is a simple handheld training device with short daily training periods.

    Utilise the body’s own natural systems

    IQoro reinforces the body’s own natural swallowing systems including the autonomic systems that dominate these processes.

    What is IQoro?

    IQoro is a neuromuscular training device that utilises the body’s own natural command systems to strengthen muscles and processes from the lips, oral cavity, tongue, upper airways, oesophagus and down to the stomach.

    This simultaneous treatment of many nerve pathways and  muscles in the swallowing and respiratory chains are the reason why so many symptoms can be addressed at the same time. IQoro treatment is the result of 20 years’ Swedish evidence-based research.

    Stories from our customers

    This is how to train with IQoro

    IQoro is a neuromuscular training device that stimulates nerve pathways and 148 muscles in the swallowing and respiratory processes – most can’t be reached by voluntary exercise. Each training session takes 30 seconds.

    Place the device inside your lips but in front of your teeth, not inside your oral cavity.

    Pull forwards firmly for 10 seconds, rest for 3 seconds. Repeat this this two more times. Done!

    Perform this training session 3 times every day – with 2 hours between sessions for the best possible results.

    Treating dysphagia with IQoro

    Look at these three X-ray videos. The first shows the effect of the IQoro training action on the internal organs and musculature, the second two show a patient with severe swallowing difficulties before and after 7 days’ training with IQoro.

    This X-ray video sequence of a (healthy) subject training with IQoro clearly shows how the muscles involved in a normal swallow are mechanically provoked to mirror a normal swallow.

    Professionals will note how the larynx rises, the tongue base rises and retracts against the posterior pharyngeal wall, the naso-pharyngeal passages close and much more.

    Before starting IQoro treatment the patient had several weeks’ conventional therapy.

    This video shows a great improvement in his swallow – although still aspirating to some extent. Two weeks after this video the patient was returned to a normal diet including being able to swallow water safely.