Customer Stories

“I got rid of my snoring”

Eje Åhlander, a 67 year-old doctor, has snored for many years, with night-time breathing interruption (sleep apnoea) at times, too. The solution for him was IQoro, a neuromuscular training device and regime.
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“It feels amazing to get back to my old life”

We received a great feel good story from the 41-year-old lawyer Kevin, to our customer support, about how training with IQoro really has made a difference that we want to share.
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Eva cured her snoring – on the quiet

Eva Hjalmarsson from Gothenburg, Sweden, had no idea she snored. It came to light when she went on a trip with a friend.
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Ulla got help with both snoring and swallowing problems

After a somewhat tortuous journey filled with diverse sickness problems, Ulla is enjoying her regained quality of life. The neuromuscular training device IQoro lies behind much of this improvement.
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