Cleaning of your IQoro device

IQoro is Class 1 Medical Device, CE marked for multiple use by a single patient. It is manufactured of medical grade polycarbonate and the risk of allergy is minimal. It will not tolerate cleaning with alcohol-based fluids.

1. Cleaning can be carried out in any of several ways of which the simplest and gentlest is:

Rinse under running water. Brush the IQoro with a normal toothbrush and a drop of mild washing-up liquid.

2. When a more thorough cleaning is required, for example during an infection in the mouth or throat region, or if the IQoro has been stored unhygienically:

Wash in a dishwasher – the water temperature will be up to 95°C.

3. Another stringent method to clean the device is:

Clean in boiling water – the water temperature will be up to 95°C.

4. A final alternative, which will shorten the life of the product if used regularly, is:

Autoclave the IQoro – this will involve temperatures up to 140°C.

The final alternative is not recommended and not necessary. Other implements used in the mouth e.g. knives, forks or drinking beakers are not routinely autoclaved – a dishwasher is more than sufficient.

IQoro devices will tolerate cleaning temperatures up to 140°C, but if they have been prematurely aged by being exposed to regular autoclaving might not be replaced under the terms of the product’s warranty.