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MYoroface is the company that has developed, produced, patented and registered IQoro. IQoro is a new and unique neuromuscular treatment method that requires just 30 seconds' exercise, three times per day. It works by training and strengthening the muscles, and by stimulating the brain to regenerate the pathways that control them. IQoro helps people with problems in swallowing, with hiatus hernia, facial paralysis, speech, snoring or sleep apnoea problems, and more.

The product and its training regime is based on over two decades of research that you will find on this website.


Ylvali Gerling

Co-founder, CEO

In my entrepreneurship I hold the rudder and choose which roads we should take. It offers exciting contacts and experiences. I am driven by my opportunity to give other people an improved quality of life. So the small things like being able to eat properly or being able to show facial expressions, we take for granted, but when these abilities fail, it affects our entire existence. I have a degree in business economy with a marketing focus and have worked in small and large companies internationally before we founded MYoroface. If I have free time, it is spent on training and family activities. Accurate aim: Third place in air gun shooting at USM.

Linn Hägg

Co-founder, Marketing and Sales manager

I have a degree in business economy and a master's degree in marketing. Since 2009, I have worked with digital commerce and marketing in various roles. In my present role, I work with making IQoro available to the people who need the treatment, both in our home market and the rest of the world. In order for more people to become aware of the fact, that today there is a treatment available. We work hard to share our knowledge in various ways with the aim of being easy to understand, irregardless of whether you are a private person or a healthcare provider. Backpacked in South America, lived in New Zealand and sailed a month in the French Polynesia Islands.

Charlotte Pålsson

Customer Service and Education Manager

I appreciate personal contact, which provide good conditions for working with educational issues and maintaining a high standard for our customer service. I am a specialist nurse in childrens and youth medicine, as well as specialist in disaster medicine and neurology. Also have the permission to write prescriptions. Many years of experience in education and a genuine interest in improving people's quality of life. I have more than 20 years of experience in healthcare, both within county council, region and municipality. Have hiked in Nepal, both Mount Everest and Annapurna mountain ranges.





Malin Hägg

Logistics Manager

I work at the head office in Hudiksvall and am responsible for logistics and warehouse management. The latest education at the university is Industrial Economics. It is exciting to work for a research-driven Med. Tech. companies that are on the rise and where we all work towards a common goal. In my spare time I relax with the help of rock music and TV games.

Melanie Baier

Marketing and graphic design

I am a trained journalist and graphic designer from Ireland. At MYoroface I am a member of the e-commerce team which is situated in Gothenburg at Sahlgrenska Science Park. I design according to MYoroface's graphic profile, which includes updating the website, designing advertisements, brochures as well as information material for trade fairs and education. Working with a product that makes major changes to people's lives is so rewarding, I feel we make a difference every day. I have a second dan black belt in Kenpo karate.

Terry Morris

Business Development Director

My main focus right now is the international market, with the UK as the first step. Now that NICE (National Institute for Healthcare Excellence) have published the advice that IQoro is an appropriate method of treatment for hiatal hernia and swallowing problems after stroke, my days are filled with visiting hospitals and purchasers. Born in England, but living in Stockholm for many years, I have previously been a CEO and had senior sales and marketing roles in international MedTech and other high-tech companies.

Angie Carter

Independent Consultant 

I am an independent consultant and qualified "Allied Health Professional" in the UK, with experience in introducing innovations to the health care system. I am also a registered occupational therapist. With MYoroface, I work with my colleague Terry and help clinics, hospitals and hospitals implement IQoro in their operations through the IQoro early adopters programs (IQEAP).






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