90 seconds IQoro against  snoring and apnoea

    90 seconds training per day with IQoro reduces your snoring through strengthening weakened musculature - a common reason/cause for snoring and apnoea.

    Eje Åhlander, 67 år, läkare
    Eje Åhlander, 67, Doctor

    ”Now there is peace at night in our home, much to my wifes’s enormous relief.
    I can really, warmly recommend IQoro to others with similar problems.

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    Patented and made in Sweden

    Trygg e-handelcertifierad

    Internationally patented and made in Sweden.


    CE-märkt medicinteknisk produkt klass 1



    CE - classified, medical technical product, class 1

    IQoro is based on several years of scientific clinical research and is certified in Europe and the EES countries.

    Inga biverkningar



    No side effects

    IQoro naturally strengthens the musculature from the face, mouth cavity, upper respiratory tract down to the diaphragm and stomach without side effects.

    Eva Hjalmarsson, 68, Retired Nurse, Gothenburg

    ”I began training with the IQoro neuromuscular device in November, three sessions per day, usually before meals. In January, I went with my children and grandchildren on a skiing holiday and they could - to my joy and great relief - confirm that I had completely stopped snoring.”

    Roland Lönnberg, Bergsjö
    Roland Lönnberg, Bergsjö

    ”It exceeded all expectations. Nowadays I am snoring significantly less and I have not had sleep apnea for a long time”.


    Scientific clinical research – IQoro® strengthens muscles

    Clinical studies show that IQoro strengthens weakened musculature in the tongue, soft palate and upper respiratory tract. IQoro can therefore relieve/ease snoring symptoms and stops the upper respiratory tract from collapsing and causing interrupted breathing.

    If you use a snoring device or a CPAP at present then you can train parallely during the day with IQoro. Always talk to your doctor before you stop using a prescribed snoring device or CPAP.  

    Less nightly breathing interruptions after 3 months 

    A pilot study in Sweden was done where 10 people with sleep apnoea syndrome (OSA - obstructive sleep apnoea) referred to CPAP treatment have also trained parallely with IQoro for 3 months.

    Sleep registration, before and after training with IQoro shows clear improvements. In the graph below you can see how AHI – Apnoea and hypopnea per sleeping hour had improved.

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    Gradering av obstruktiv sömnapné baserat på Apné Hypopné Index
    Rating: mild to severe obstructive sleep Apnoea (OSA)
    Apnoea Hyponea Index (AHI) , amount of apnoeas and hypoapneas per hour of sleep.
    Air flow reduction >30% >10 s) which either leads to 3% desaturation or  micro awakenings[3]
    Amount of apnoeas (AHI) before and after 3 months training with IQoro

    God effekt på snarkning och apné



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