Customers' stories - Neurological conditions: MS, Parkinson's disease, ALS

IQoro® made the difference for MS-sufferer Göran

Göran Hedebro was diagnosed with primary progressive Multiple Sclerosis in 2004. The first symptoms were trembling in the legs, and poor balance. Since then, he became successively worse and worse, and today Göran is in a wheelchair. He not only suffers from poor motor function in the legs, but also of other symptoms like tiredness, and difficulty in speaking and swallowing: dysphagia.

For Göran, the neuromuscular treatment method IQoro has made all the difference. It was a couple of years ago that his wife Susanna saw an advertisement for a training device that could help with swallowing and, because his speech and swallowing difficulties were worsening along with his other symptoms, the couple ordered an IQoro.

– It could hardly be worse! says Göran.

The new training regime made a positive difference in an otherwise tough everyday life.

– No question about it. I became generally stronger in my mouth musculature. I notice immediately if I have been slacking in my training. My mouth loses muscle tone and my speech becomes more slurred.

– I think you need to pay careful attention to the training instructions of positioning your tongue correctly in your mouth, and of not biting down on the device. It was a challenge to get it to work, but I can feel the effect of just what it has given me. Training becomes even more effective. I exercise three times per day, more or less every day.

Göran is a patient at the speech-motor treatment centre at Danderyds hospital in Stockholm.

– I usually have my IQoro with me. The personnel there, see what it has done for me - and that's positive.

IQoro can’t, of course, cure the disease but, for Göran, who suffers from a progressive form of MS – where his condition worsens with time – all improvements are worth their weight in gold.

– That it is actually possible to affect my muscles so that it is easier for me to speak, eat and swallow makes my everyday life a little easier, he concludes and his wife Susanna agrees.


Hi! “My name is Marianne Kivimäe,

and today I have been visiting a former colleague who has Parkinson’s disease and lives in an old peoples’ residential home.

I have visited her pretty regularly, and it was so great today to be able to see that she could speak and articulate herself much, much better than the last times I have been there. On the table there was one of your IQoro training devices, and she had been with one of your staff yesterday and been praised for her progress.

What a job you do that contributes so much to her and others’ improved quality of life! Today, I really saw a concrete example of what a difference your treatment makes!”

Best regards,

Marianne Kivimäe



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