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Below you can read about some of the caregivers who have purchased IQoro for their clinics in order to offer treatment to their patients.

IQoro was launched in June 2014 after more than 20 years of research. We continuously work to provide more healthcare providers around the country with the ability to offer treatment to their patients. 

Initially, we have primarily informed logopaths and dentists, both in the private and public sector, about the treatment method. We also know that many of the patient groups come into contact with ENT, dieticians, surgeons and occupational therapists, and in many cases would be in great need of treatment. 


IQoro is the first choice for my branch.


Dental hygienist Ella Strömnberg uses the mouth screen daily at work.

”I had not heard so  much about IQoro before I was asked to participate in the scientific study SOFIA, in my role as a dental nurse. I work within the peoples health function at the Peoples dentist in Gävleborg. I work mainly with the elderly. I am also out giving seminars in subjects such as ”the importance of mouth hygiene for the older persons well being.

My contribution to the study was to go out to short term nursing homes in Hälsingland, to interview the elderly residents about mouth hygiene and their swallow ability. The point of the interviews was to see what rehabitering effect the oral screen IQoro could have on the residents swallow ability.

At the beginning I had some doubts that the residents and the personal would think that it was difficult. But the short term resident homes that I visited – such as Fredens Kulle in Hudiksvall, Västerbacken i Söderhamn och Ängslunda i Bollnäs I received only positive reactions.

Altogether I interviewed 127 older residents between the ages of 65 and 95 years. They had different diagnoses such as stroke, parkinsons, ms or had had accidents. The old people were so happy when I came. They told me about their lives, their school time and what they had worked with. It was an honour to get a glimpse of their lives.

I had also a solid collection of questions regarding mouth hygiene, food situations and appetite. Afterwards I checked their tooth and mouth health. I also, after training from Mary Hägg, their swallowing ability. The study was to find 20 people, 10 to the treatment group who could begin to train with IQoro for 5 weeks and 10 to the control group that did not train with IQoro.

There was many who suffered from dysphagia, swallowing difficulties. It was tough to just choose 10 that would train with the mouth device. But when it is a study it must comply with scientific criteria. The control group that could not train were told afterwards how to get hold of the device themselves. After 5 weeks we did a follow up. Everybody that had trained with the device had improved their swallowing ability. In some cases especially stroke victims - it has showed significant improvements. Stroke victims usually have paralysis problems, for example in the face. After five weeks, their lip strength had  increased markedly, their faces were more symmetrical and additionally, eating, speech and swallowing had improved. Also those with chronic illnesses, such as Parkinsons, ALS and MS, had increased their results, although not to the same extent

After 6 months I did a new follow up. In several cases the effect remained even though they had stopped training, some patients had regressed. The study is not totally finished but for me there is no doubt whatsoever about the effect of IQoro. The oral screen has been a real Aha moment for me. Now finally I have a concrete tool in my profession that I know helps and it is fantastic. Wherever I go, I will have IQoro with me and inform about it. This knowledge should undoubtedly be part of basic education for dentists, dental nurses and dental hygienists.

If I could decide IQoro would be at every county and dental clinic in Sweden. I hope it will replace the oral screen commonly used in healthcare today and looks like a soother. It does not have the same profound effect as IQoro, which patients also confirm. With IQoro, the whole muscle chain is stimulated in depth, from up to the brain and down to the stomach. The treatment method is both simple and easily accessible, without any side effects. It should be everyone’s right, even in old age, to have the opportunity to enjoy a good meal and interact with others.”

Ella Strömberg, dental hygienist with 40 years of experience in dentistry.



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