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Stylish bottle with a sleek metal cork and straw perfect for use for self-test of muscle strength in the diaphragm (test D) and in swallowing test (test B), included with the manual when buying IQoro. Test kit lite makes it easy and simple to measure your improved muscle function and track your progress before and after training with IQoro.

The bottle is marked with dimensions up to 1 dl as well as markings where the water level is to be filled up during the self-test depending on age. The neat shape and the practical loop on the bottle make it easy to have on hand in everyday life.

The water bottle holds 570 ml, made of BPA-free Tritan plastic. Easily cleaned by hand or dishwasher. 

Straw length 350 mm, inner diameter 10 mm. Cleaned in max 60 °C. 

Both procucts are approved for food use. 

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    Produced by:  Wikinggruppen