Useful videos and material

The following material may be useful for Health Care Professionals evaluating IQoro:


What does the training action look like?

Here you can see a model training with IQoro.

What does the training action actually achieve internally?

This X-ray sequence shows how an IQoro training session affects the lips, floor of the mouth, tongue, upper oesophagus, etc.


How can IQoro® training help a patient?

Here are two videofluoroscopy sequences of a patient before and after IQoro training. The first shows a Barium swallow in a patient after a neurological event, the patient has had a period of a few weeks’ conventional training with little success, he aspirates badly during the swallow. The second session shows his swallow after just seven days training with IQoro for just 30 seconds, three times per day. His condition is not completely cured at this stage, but the improvement is remarkable. Three weeks after this he was eating a normal diet.


Can an elderly dementia patient train with IQoro®?:

Here you will find a video of a 99 year-old being assisted with his IQoro training.




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