MedTech company behind IQoro® launches unique new website

MedTech company behind IQoro® launches unique new website

MYoroface AB has today launched its new website and on-line web shop. The twin-language website addresses both Swedish- and English-speaking markets, and focuses on swallowing difficulties (dysphagia), problems with reflux, and snoring and sleep apnoea.

Dysphagia is one of the world’s most common, but least understood, functional difficulties. is now a comprehensive knowledge hub where everything from symptoms to the underlying causes are described, as well as how IQoro® treats and gets to the bottom of the fundamental problem. Dozens of patient stories give hope and inspiration.

– I maintain that we have succeeded in our ambition. We’re now reaching out to those directly affected, their relatives, and their carers, says a very happy marketing manager, Linn Hägg, who was responsible for the project.

She says that with, over 20 years’ research to draw on, MYoroface has now taken a huge step in defining the causes and problems of dysphagia and explaining them for all those that are searching for information, answers and help.

People have been suffering in silence for too long. Millions of people have been stumbling in the dark, looking for information, as well as appropriate treatment. Our website now offers both.

Regardless of whether you are a stroke survivor, suffering from a Hiatus hernia, or have physical injury or a congenital disease you can easily navigate to the relevant information. In addition, customers and carers relate their own personal experiences of their trials and treatment.

All medical texts have been written by Mary Hägg, the researcher and innovator behind the neuromuscular treatment method IQoro®, in close cooperation with MYoroface.


Linn Hägg, Sales and Marketing Director


The company’s goal has been to break down research and knowledge to an understandable level because not all medical terminology is understood by everybody. Emphasis has also been placed on explaining how and why IQoro® can be so effective in treating such a range of seemingly-different problems. Very soon, the results of a clinical pilot study of treatment of snoring and sleep apnoea will be published: the results are very promising and will strengthen even more the broad range of proven effects that IQoro® has.

There’s a lot happening now. The demand for IQoro® is huge and grows every day. Orders via the new on-line web shop have already begun to stream in from the UK and elsewhere. The next stage will be to launch fully in the rest of Europe and seek FDA and other regulatory approvals, Linn Hägg ends.



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