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About your purchase

How do I return IQoro or other products?

Here you can read what applies if you need to return IQoro* or other products that you have purchased from us.

Do as follows:

  1. Contact us by e-mail or phone and let us know that you need to make a return.
    We need the name of the person who ordered the product and the order number found on the invoice.
  2. Always wait for a response from us before returning your IQoro or any other product.
    We need to approve the return before you send it, and in addition we may need to provide you with information for returning the product.

*No right of return in the event of broken packaging of medical devices or sealed hygiene items. For full information, read our terms and conditions of purchase and terms and conditions for the results guarantee.

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Returning products from an EU country

When you return a product from an EU country, for example Sweden, you need to remember that you are responsible for the shipment until it reaches us.

Therefore, it is important that you send it as a trackable shipment.

We can only make a refund once we have received your shipment.

Returning products from the UK, Norway and other countries outside the EU

When you return IQoro or other products from a country outside the EU, you need to send a document stating that you do not have to pay export tax. You will receive this document completed from us, together with all instructions you need.

In addition, you need to return the shipment via DHL or UPS to avoid customs duties.

If you do not follow our instructions and additional fees arise in customs, you, the customer, will be charged these fees. Incorrect returns usually cost between 25-40 GBP, 300-500 SEK, or the equivalent in your currency.

You are responsible for the shipment until it gets to us. We only make a refund once we have received the returned shipment.

How will Brexit affect me if I want to buy an IQoro?

The UK and the EU reached an agreement on a post-Brexit trade deal. This means amongst other things that there is no customs tariff on IQoro shipped to UK from Sweden. 

1. Pricing

The price of an IQoro is unchanged at £145.00 including VAT.

2. Importing

You may order and receive your IQoro without worrying about the new import rules after Brexit.

There is nothing extra that you need to do or pay to facilitate the delivery of your IQoro. 

We offer two different delivery options to the UK, to make sure everyone can find a price and a delivery time that works best for them.

3. Consumer rights

The consumer rights laid out in our Terms and Conditions that form the basis of each transaction between our company and its customers, is as currently stipulated by EU regulations.

After Brexit, the UK may decide to implement its own version of consumer rights law and in that case it will be these rules that regulate our sales to UK customers.

This could affect your position regarding, for example: warranty period, right of return, or other facets of the transaction. The situation is at present unclear and undecided, we will update our website as soon as the position is clear.

I ordered an IQoro, but haven´t received a confirmation

When you make a purchase in the webshop, a confirmation is automatically sent to your email adress. Please, check you spamfolder if it ended up there. If you do not get an order confirmation at all, your purchase has for some reason not been finalized

Warranty and durability

IQoro is CE-marked and meets the requirements set by The Swedish Medical Products Agency (MPA). The manufacturing guarantee is for 7 months and covers any damage that has occurred during the actual production. Report any damage as soon as possible. Read more in your manual on CE marking, warranty and how to handle your IQoro in the best way. Recommended usage time is 12 months. This is based on the fact that IQoro is a product you have in your mouth and there is a natural wear in the plastic during use. IQoro is made of a medical plastic that meets the requirements for allergies. Read more under the FAQ Allergy.

I’ve heard about IQoro on my Facebook LPR GERD support site, can I buy it in the US?

No. IQoro would need to approved by the FDA before we could supply to US citizens. That’s not a huge hurdle for a device that is CE marked, and it’s in our development plans – but not yet!

I have read in the manual that a symptom document (patient questionnaire) should be used. Where can I find it?

E-mail to:, and we will send it to you.

Do you deliver IQoro to my country?

If you live in the UK, EU or EES, you can get an IQoro delivered to you from our webshop.

This means that if you for example live in islands like Guernsey or Jersey, you will not be able to get an IQoro delivered and our warranty is not covering countries outside the EU/EES and UK.

Can I get IQoro on prescription from my doctor?

Yes you can get IQoro on prescription, if you live in the United Kingdom.

IQoro is listed by the NHS as a medical device that a GP can prescribe when suitable for the patient.


Is IQoro listed on the NHS?

Yes, IQoro is listed by NHS as a medical device for treating acid reflux and dysphagia since 1st May 2022.

What is the NHS?

The NHS – National Heath Service – is the government funded medical and health care services in the UK.

Getting listed by the NHS means the UK Government has approved IQoro as one way to treat acid reflux and dysphagia. It also means that IQoro can be prescribed by GP’s for free, or to a low cost for the patient.