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Should I hold my breath?

Yes. When using IQoro, hold your breath for the 10 seconds when you pull IQoro outwards.

Not everybody can hold their breath for 10 seconds. Then it’s perfectly okay to hold your breath for as long as you can.

Do as follows:

  1. Place IQoro inside your lips.
  2. Breathe in normally.
  3. Hold your breath for 10 seconds while you pull IQoro outwards according to our instructions.
  4. Relax your lips, exhale and then inhale again during the three-second break to get ready to pull IQoro out again.

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Should my teeth be touching each other?

Your teeth can either touch each other, or there may be a small gap between the teeth in the upper and lower jaw when using IQoro.

It differs because everyone has a different shape mouth.

Relax the jaw

Even if the teeth touch each other when pulling IQoro outwards, it is important that you don’t bite your teeth.

Your lips should be tensed but your jaw relaxed.

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Where should my tongue be positioned when training?

Your tongue will automatically end up where it is supposed to when you pull the IQoro outward according to our instructions.

If you feel at all unsure, it is good to know that the tip of the tongue will end up in the lower part of your mouth, behind the front teeth of the lower jaw. Your tongue will, moreover, become hard and tense.

Your tongue naturally ends up in the right place

We usually calm anxious customers with the fact that even young children can be treated with IQoro – and they don’t think about where the tongue ends up at all. Therefore, you shouldn’t overthink the location of the tongue. It will end up in the right place naturally.

In addition, if the muscles in your mouth and your pharynx are very weakened and you just started training with IQoro then it’s perfectly normal that your tongue may not end up in the intended position to start with. You will feel a difference after a few months of training.

Is there supposed to be vacuum in my mouth?

No. You’re not supposed to swallow to create a vacuum in your mouth before pulling IQoro outward.

Your lips should hold against IQoro when pulling the device outward. If you created a vacuum in your mouth by swallowing, your lips don’t have to work to hold against it when pulling outward. Resulting in a poorer effect.

Do you conduct your own studies?

No, we do not conduct our own studies.

The research on the results of training with IQoro is carried out by research teams with different professions in surgery, ear, nose and throat, speech pathology, medicine, specialist dentists, nurses, gastrointestinal and X-ray specialists at Swedish universities in Uppsala, Umeå, Linköping, Örebro and Karlstad.

Funding comes from the Swedish state and has been approved by an ethics committee.

All 17 studies on training with IQoro are internationally published and peer reviewed according to the standard practice for scientific studies.

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Why don’t you have any control groups?

First, it is important to point out that these are not our own studies. The studies have been carried out by researchers at Swedish universities.

There are various reasons why the studies on training with IQoro do not have any control groups.

  • There are no similar treatments to make comparisons with, so it is not possible to have one group train with IQoro and one group with another neuromuscular device.
  • It is not ethically justifiable to allow a group of patients to stop taking their acid-suppressing medication during treatment with IQoro.
  • It is also not ethically justifiable to allow a control group with symptoms of hiatus hernia to receive treatment that it is not certain will have a positive effect on their symptoms.

However, patients act as their own control group. The participants in the studies have consistently sought care and have had problems for at least one, and an average of four years. During that time, the participants have only received traditional treatment with acid-suppressing medications, but nevertheless have not improved. Only then have they been allowed to participate in the studies, allowing the researchers to see if and how the patient’s symptoms develop during the study.

The researchers also compared different groups of participants with each other. The results between these groups do not differ. All individual studies also show consistent positive results.

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What is a control group?

A control group is a group of individuals that are included in a scientific study as a comparison. They are included in order to compare the experimental group with another group and thus be able to see if the results differ between the groups. For example, in a scientific study on medicinal products, the experimental group may receive effective medication, while the control group receives tablets without an effective substance, a placebo.

What does statistically significant mean?

In statistical contexts, the word significant means that the results are so certain that one knows that they are not down to chance. Determined models and methods exist to be able to state that the risk of the result being due to random factors is so small that it is possible to draw certain scientific conclusions from a study.

Accepted statistical models

When we write that the participants in a study improved significantly through training with IQoro, this means that according to accepted statistical models, we can conclude that the improvement genuinely occurred because of the treatment and not for any other reason.

How statistical significance is achieved in a study varies. It depends, among other things, on the number of participants in the study and how clear the result is.

There are different requirements for different types of studies

The requirement for the level of statistical significance in a study may also vary.

It therefore takes more participants to achieve statistical significance for a medical study where one needs to be able to assess the risk of unusual side effects, than is required for a scientific study on IQoro, for example.

It is known that IQoro is a class 1 medical device that is risk-free to use. Therefore, studies can be done comparing the efficacy of IQoro on different groups that have fewer participants in the number than you need when, for example, developing a completely new vaccine.

Collaboration with statisticians

Statistical significance is calculated through statistical models. In the studies on training with IQoro, the number of participants has been developed in collaboration with a statistician to provide a sufficient basis to be able to state that the result depends on the treatment and not on chance.

Significance is often expressed in studies as p < 0.05 for example, which means that there is less than a five percent chance that the result is down to chance or p < 0.001 which means that there is less than one per thousand risk (0.1 %) that the result is down to chance.

More statistically significant studies make the results even safer

Since it is almost never possible to completely exclude chance in a single study, or that a study is influenced by factors in different ways that are difficult to assess, further research is important.

The results of the studies on training with IQoro are in line with each other and each achieve statistically significant results.

Aren’t more participants needed for the studies of IQoro?

The number of participants in the studies of IQoro has been determined together with a statistician for the data to be sufficient to state that the results are statistically significant, that is they are not down to chance.

This question is usually about the comparison with large drug studies where changes in the body are made by adding a drug, for example to reduce the production of stomach acid.

Changes in the body involve a high risk that must be carefully balanced against the benefit, which requires a significantly larger basis for capturing unusual side effects or placebo effects.

IQoro is a CE marked medical device product, class 1, low risk. With that come other requirements and regulations.

How do I return IQoro or other products?

Here you can read what applies if you need to return IQoro* or other products that you have purchased from us.

Do as follows:

  1. Contact us by e-mail or phone and let us know that you need to make a return.
    We need the name of the person who ordered the product and the order number found on the invoice.
  2. Always wait for a response from us before returning your IQoro or any other product.
    We need to approve the return before you send it, and in addition we may need to provide you with information for returning the product.

*No right of return in the event of broken packaging of medical devices or sealed hygiene items. For full information, read our terms and conditions of purchase and terms and conditions for the results guarantee.

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Returning products from an EU country

When you return a product from an EU country, for example Sweden, you need to remember that you are responsible for the shipment until it reaches us.

Therefore, it is important that you send it as a trackable shipment.

We can only make a refund once we have received your shipment.

Returning products from the UK, Norway and other countries outside the EU

When you return IQoro or other products from a country outside the EU, you need to send a document stating that you do not have to pay export tax. You will receive this document completed from us, together with all instructions you need.

In addition, you need to return the shipment via DHL or UPS to avoid customs duties.

If you do not follow our instructions and additional fees arise in customs, you, the customer, will be charged these fees. Incorrect returns usually cost between 25-40 GBP, 300-500 SEK, or the equivalent in your currency.

You are responsible for the shipment until it gets to us. We only make a refund once we have received the returned shipment.

Can I experience muscle soreness from using IQoro?

Yes, you may experience muscle soreness from using IQoro.

Muscle soreness is mainly experienced in the mouth, tongue and throat and can sometimes even be experienced in the same way as when you get sick, even though it is the muscles that hurt and not an incipient throat infection.

Experiencing muscle soreness is not dangerous and it will go away on its own. You can continue to train despite the soreness, but try to reduce the number of seconds per stretch slightly over a period of time and then slowly step up to ten seconds per stretch again after a few weeks.

Here you can read more about IQoro and muscle soreness.

My symptoms have gotten worse since I started with my training, is that normal?

Changes in your symptoms are natural and occur as your internal musculature strengthens.

In some cases symptoms can temporarily appear to be worse for some people. There can be several reasons for this; these are the most common ones:

  1. You have stopped the medication that you were taking before that reduced your symptoms.
  2. Training with IQoro causes pressure changes in the oral cavity, esophagus and in the hiatal canal (the aperture that we all have in our diaphragm where the esophagus passes through on its way to join with the mouth of the stomach when it is in its correct position under the diaphragm).

This can lead to some symptoms worsening for a short period as the increased pressure temporarily leads to more reflux. It is important though that you continue to train with IQoro through this phase – it will soon get better!

Continue to take any symptom-relieving drugs that work for you as long as you wish. As your musculature strengthens you can reduce the dose successively.

How will Brexit affect me if I want to buy an IQoro?

The UK and the EU reached an agreement on a post-Brexit trade deal. This means amongst other things that there is no customs tariff on IQoro shipped to UK from Sweden. 

1. Pricing

The price of an IQoro is unchanged at £145.00 including VAT.

2. Importing

You may order and receive your IQoro without worrying about the new import rules after Brexit.

There is nothing extra that you need to do or pay to facilitate the delivery of your IQoro. 

We offer two different delivery options to the UK, to make sure everyone can find a price and a delivery time that works best for them.

3. Consumer rights

The consumer rights laid out in our Terms and Conditions that form the basis of each transaction between our company and its customers, is as currently stipulated by EU regulations.

After Brexit, the UK may decide to implement its own version of consumer rights law and in that case it will be these rules that regulate our sales to UK customers.

This could affect your position regarding, for example: warranty period, right of return, or other facets of the transaction. The situation is at present unclear and undecided, we will update our website as soon as the position is clear.