How will Brexit affect me if I want to buy an IQoro?

How will Brexit affect me if I want to buy an IQoro?

As at today’s date [December 17, 2020] it is still unclear. A post-Brexit trade deal between the EU and the UK may or may not be reached. If a trade deal is not reached, then we see three things that will change:

1. Pricing

In the absence of a trade deal between the two entities, imports and exports between them will be regulated by the World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules. This will entail a 6.5% tariff being applied to goods that are purchased in the UK from an EU member state like Sweden.

In addition, import and handling costs rise as we are forced to appoint our freight carrier as an importer. All this is an unavoidable consequence of the contractual position as it stands.

These extra costs raise the purchase price of an IQoro from £145.00 to £166.00 (both prices inclusive of UK VAT but excluding postage and packing).

In the current circumstances of uncertainty, the company has decided to absorb these extra costs itself – for a period at least. Until 28th February 2021 the price of an IQoro will be unchanged at £145.00, at this point – and in the light of more clarity we hope – the company will review this decision.

2. Importing

You may have read that anything that you import – and buying an IQoro as a UK citizen falls into that category – means that you must make a declaration to HMRC on the nature and value of the goods you have bought.

See the video “What you need to know to bring goods into the UK” by HRMC.

In the case of IQoro we have simplified this process. We have contracted with our freight company to take care of these administrative issues; we take care of the reporting, and we pay our carrier for these services.

You may order and receive your IQoro without worrying about the new import rules that it seems will apply.

3. Consumer rights

The consumer rights laid out in our Terms and Conditions that form the basis of each transaction between our company and its customers, is as currently stipulated by EU regulations.

After Brexit, the UK may decide to implement its own version of consumer rights law and in that case it will be these rules that regulate our sales to UK customers.

This could affect your position regarding, for example: warranty period, right of return, or other facets of the transaction. The situation is at present unclear and undecided, we will update our website as soon as the position is clear.