Brexit – Making a purchase from the EU

Is Brexit affecting me if I want to buy an IQoro?

No. Brexit is not affecting your purchase when buying from us.

The UK and the EU have  an agreement on a post-Brexit trade deal. This means amongst other things that there is no customs tariff on an IQoro shipped to the UK from Sweden. 

1. Pricing

We have not made any price changes on IQoro due to Brexit. 

2. Importing

You may order and receive your IQoro without worrying about the new import rules after Brexit.

There is nothing extra that you need to do or pay to facilitate the delivery of your IQoro. 

We offer two different delivery options to the UK, to make sure everyone can find a price and a delivery time that works best for them.

3. Consumer rights

The consumer rights laid out in our Terms and Conditions is at this point not affected by Brexit. In case of changes in the consumer rights, we will update accordingly.