How will Brexit affect me if I want to buy an IQoro?

The UK and the EU reached an agreement on a post-Brexit trade deal. This means amongst other things that there is no customs tariff on IQoro shipped to UK from Sweden. 

1. Pricing

The price of an IQoro is unchanged at £145.00 including VAT.

2. Importing

You may order and receive your IQoro without worrying about the new import rules after Brexit.

There is nothing extra that you need to do or pay to facilitate the delivery of your IQoro. 

We offer two different delivery options to the UK, to make sure everyone can find a price and a delivery time that works best for them.

3. Consumer rights

The consumer rights laid out in our Terms and Conditions that form the basis of each transaction between our company and its customers, is as currently stipulated by EU regulations.

After Brexit, the UK may decide to implement its own version of consumer rights law and in that case it will be these rules that regulate our sales to UK customers.

This could affect your position regarding, for example: warranty period, right of return, or other facets of the transaction. The situation is at present unclear and undecided, we will update our website as soon as the position is clear.

I ordered an IQoro, but haven´t received a confirmation

When you make a purchase in the webshop, a confirmation is automatically sent to your email adress. Please, check you spamfolder if it ended up there. If you do not get an order confirmation at all, your purchase has for some reason not been finalized

Warranty and durability

IQoro is CE-marked and meets the requirements set by The Swedish Medical Products Agency (MPA). The manufacturing guarantee is for 7 months and covers any damage that has occurred during the actual production. Report any damage as soon as possible. Read more in your manual on CE marking, warranty and how to handle your IQoro in the best way. Recommended usage time is 12 months. This is based on the fact that IQoro is a product you have in your mouth and there is a natural wear in the plastic during use. IQoro is made of a medical plastic that meets the requirements for allergies. Read more under the FAQ Allergy.

I’ve heard about IQoro on my Facebook LPR GERD support site, can I buy it in the US?

No. IQoro would need to approved by the FDA before we could supply to US citizens. That’s not a huge hurdle for a device that is CE marked, and it’s in our development plans – but not yet!

I have read in the manual that a symptom document (patient questionnaire) should be used. Where can I find it?

E-mail to:, and we will send it to you.

Do you deliver IQoro to my country?

If you live in the UK, EU or EES, you can get an IQoro delivered to you from our webshop.

This means that if you for example live in islands like Guernsey or Jersey, you will not be able to get an IQoro delivered and our warranty is not covering countries outside the EU/EES and UK.

Why do I get blood in my mouth when using IQoro?

Finding or tasting blood in your mouth when using IQoro is probably down to one of the following three causes:

  1. The gastric acid that comes up during a hiatus hernia may have created small ulcers in the mucous membrane of the oesophagus that then began to bleed. And when using the IQoro, increased pressure is created. This may carry this blood up to your mouth instead of down into your stomach. The blood is harmless and the wounds will heal when the hiatus hernia is treated and the amount of gastric acid that comes up into the oesophagus is reduced.
  2. An ongoing infection of the mouth or teeth can lead to a weakened and bleeding mucous membrane. If you haven’t been to the dentist for a while, it might be time for a visit.
  3. If you take medication that causes mucous membranes to weaken as a side effect, this may make the mucous membranes of your mouth and throat more sensitive to the pressure changes that training with IQoro involves.

If you feel unsure about why you are experiencing bleeding in your mouth, you can always contact our customer support, or learn more about IQoro secondary and side effects.

My partner snores, and I have swallowing difficulties, can we use the same IQoro?

No. IQoro is approved by the authorities as a CE marked, Class 1 Medical Device for use by a single person.

Can the use of IQoro be harmful?

If you are completely healthy and have not been diagnosed with any other disorders, treatment using IQoro is harmless.

Studies of IQoro show no side effects and we are required to report if any serious abnormalities should occur in any of our customers.

However, sometimes temporary secondary effects of training with IQoro can occur. For example, sore muscles or temporarily worsening or changing symptoms. This is a natural side effect that occurs when you start strengthening the muscles in the swallowing process. These side effects will pass if you just keep training according to our training instructions.

Special cases where IQoro should be avoided

However, for people with achalasia cardiae, trigeminal neuralgia, paraeosophageal hernia, tinnitus or peripheral facial paralysis, you should either avoid IQoro completely, or start treatment with caution.

When is it safe to alter my diet?

The primary rule is that it is your doctor or clinician that must decide if you can change your medication, nutrition or hydration methods, diet, or other.

In the case of swallowing, one of the greatest risks is that of aspiration. That is to say that food or drink “goes down the wrong way” and this can lead to lung infections and pneumonia. This is the reason that healthcare professionals sometimes prescribe feeding by tube through the nose, or directly into the stomach – to avoid this so-called unsafe swallow. In other cases, they prescribe drink thickeners, or modified solid foods that they know are easier for you to swallow safely.

Because of the risks of aspiration, it is important that you consult with your Speech and Language Therapist or doctor before you change from what you have been previously advised to do – even when you are experiencing good improvement from your IQoro treatment.

Will I need to continue with maintenance training, once I have cured my symptoms?

Maybe. It depends on whether you are using IQoro to cure problems caused by neurological injury – like stroke, which has caused dysphagia or facial paralysis, or whether you are training because of a muscular weakness such as Hiatus hernia, snoring or apnoea.

If it is muscular weakness, then maintenance training will be required. Once you have achieved your desired result you should continue to train with a reduced number of sessions per day. You’ll need to find the right level for yourself.

My child has difficulty in speaking, can IQoro help?

Maybe. It depends on the reasons behind the speech difficulties. If they are caused by a muscular immaturity or weakness in the tongue, lips or throat, then there is a possibility for your child – with the help of IQoro – to train and strengthen his musculature and create the conditions to be able to form speech sounds correctly and thereby develop his verbal ability. But it is important that your child already has the understanding of how to speak, for IQoro to help.