I have MS / Parkinson’s / ALS, can I use IQoro?

Yes. IQoro cannot of course cure MS, Parkinson’s, ALS, or other progressive degenerative diseases. However, early intervention with IQoro training can contribute to retaining and maintaining as much as possible of the normal functions of the face, oral cavity, throat and down to the stomach.

IQoro trains and activates the body’s internal musculature, and has a positive effect on retaining the ability to be able to eat via the mouth, chew, use facial expressions, and produce speech sounds, for a longer time. Such treatment is therefore a good complement to traditional rehabilitation with physiotherapy, where one trains, for example, arms and legs.

Can I be too old to exercise with IQoro?

No. We have many people over the age of 85 that are training successfully: either alone, or with the help of an assistant. Some of these IQoro users are suffering from dementia too. Because the training time is short – totally 1½ minutes (30 seconds, three times per day) – even the weak and elderly can complete their exercises.

As an example, the county council in Hudiksvall in Sweden have implemented IQoro at a residential home for the elderly with the aim of strengthening their residents’ swallowing capacities. Swallowing difficulties become more prevalent with age and its related sicknesses.

Will I cure my symptoms more quickly if I train more often, and for a longer time?

No. Adding more training sessions, or performing all three sessions consecutively, will not give a better effect; more likely it will lead to overtraining and you will tire your muscles. For the same reason, don’t pull for more than 10 seconds at a time either.

How can IQoro be effective against so many different problems at the same time?

IQoro is used by people that had problems in being able to breathe, eat, smile or talk. The reason that IQoro is effective in treating so many problem areas at the same time, is because all these crucial functions use the same muscles and nerve pathways; albeit in different ways.

IQoro is a neuromuscular training device and regime that activates the body’s own pre-programmed systems: from the mouth, brain, and down to the stomach – a natural sequence of events through nerve pathways and muscles. This explains the positive effects that IQoro has on so many different difficulties.

Can I get IQoro on prescription from my doctor?

Yes you can get IQoro on prescription, if you live in the United Kingdom.

IQoro is listed by the NHS as a medical device that a GP can prescribe when suitable for the patient.


Is IQoro listed on the NHS?

Yes, IQoro is listed by NHS as a medical device for treating acid reflux and dysphagia since 1st May 2022.

What is the NHS?

The NHS – National Heath Service – is the government funded medical and health care services in the UK.

Getting listed by the NHS means the UK Government has approved IQoro as one way to treat acid reflux and dysphagia. It also means that IQoro can be prescribed by GP’s for free, or to a low cost for the patient.

My child wants to eat, but she says that her food just comes up again – and she’s losing weight. Could IQoro be the solution?

Yes. Many children and teenagers exercise with IQoro with great success. It is common that small children have an immature digestive tract and this can exhibit the same symptoms as an adult with Hiatus hernia. This immaturity usually disappears around the age of one year, but in some cases can persist and cause swallowing difficulties: reflux, or food being regurgitated. This is often misinterpreted as the child’s refusing to eat, but it is actually the case that she has difficulty in swallowing solids like meat, dry soft bread, rice or chicken: liquids are usually easier. Training with IQoro is just as effective for children as for adults.

I have a CPAP, can I use IQoro instead?

Maybe. We recommend that you start training with IQoro during the day according to the instruction manual, and continue to use your CPAP at night in parallel until you have strengthened your musculature. If you want to stop using a CPAP or snoring screen that you have been prescribed, you should always consult your doctor on whether you can completely replace these with IQoro training instead. You could also ask for a new sleep investigation that will help you track your progress.

My partner suffers from snoring and sleep apnoea, can IQoro really be effective?

Yes. A common cause of snoring and apnoea is relaxed muscle ability in the tongue, soft palate and upper airways. Studies show that IQoro strengthens and increases muscle tone in these organs. This explains why IQoro can reduce the problems of snoring, and prevent the upper pathways collapsing and causing breathing interruptions.

You can begin training immediately with IQoro but, if you are suffering from night-time breathing suspension, it is a good idea to contact your GP for a referral to a specialist clinic for a sleep investigation.

I have a problem with reflux, and a sensation of a blockage in my throat, but everything looks fine when I have a gastroscopy. Might I anyway have a Hiatus hernia?

Yes, you might. It is difficult to diagnose a Hiatus hernia through gastroscopy. Because the problem can come and go, you can’t be certain that a possible hernia will be discovered the day the gastroscopy is performed. Research shows that it is just as important to listen to the patient’s description of the symptoms to be able to make the correct diagnosis and begin treatment.

My partner has had a stroke and his pharynx is totally paralysed, can IQoro help him?

Yes. Research has shown that 5 to 13 weeks’ treatment with IQoro after stroke has an enduring effect on swallowing difficulties, paralysis of the face and throat, and postural control. Even people who have had a stroke several years ago can be helped too.

I have heartburn, a persistent cough, and difficulties in swallowing. Can IQoro help me?

Yes, these sound like symptoms of Hiatus hernia and, if that is the case, IQoro is effective against all these conditions. Studies of long-term problems such as these, show significant improvements in all symptoms after 6 to 8 months’ training with IQoro.