Can I have a hiatus hernia even if it is not visible during the gastroscopy?

Yes, you might. It is difficult to diagnose a hiatus hernia through gastroscopy. Because the problem can come and go, you can’t be certain that a possible hernia will be discovered the day the gastroscopy is performed. Research shows that it is just as important to listen to the patient’s description of the symptoms to be able to make the correct diagnosis and begin treatment.

My partner has had a stroke and his pharynx is totally paralysed, can IQoro help him?

Yes. Research has shown that 5 to 13 weeks’ treatment with IQoro after stroke has an enduring effect on swallowing difficulties, paralysis of the face and throat, and postural control. Even people who have had a stroke several years ago can be helped too.

I have heartburn, a persistent cough, and difficulties in swallowing. Can IQoro help me?

Yes, these sound like symptoms of Hiatus hernia and, if that is the case, IQoro is effective against all these conditions. Studies of long-term problems such as these, show significant improvements in all symptoms after 6 to 8 months’ training with IQoro.