IQoro and Stroke in the UK

IQoro is a Swedish invention and product that is now being launched with real impact in the UK.

IQoro has agreed to be a sponsor at three important UK and Northern Ireland stroke events.  IQoro will be represented and will exhibit at the forums for stroke care professionals in Northern Ireland, Wales, and England and Scotland this year. The dates and venues are:  Belfast:  June 13th, Cardiff: July 4 and 5th, and Liverpool: 28th to 30th November.  As well as sponsoring and exhibiting, IQoro will present scientific papers on stroke care in the form of an abstract, and will supply a prestigious speaker on many interrelated aspects of stroke injury and its treatment to the Cardiff event.

IQoro will also be present at the UK Stroke Association North conference in Crewe on the 30th and 31st of May, and at the UK Stroke Club conference in Nottingham on the 29th and 30th of September. 

– We are a Swedish company with global ambitions. Today, we have customers in many countries, of which more than 90% are in our homeland. The UK is our first strategic market outside of Sweden, and stroke survivors are amongst the largest user groups of our device. LPR, GERD and all the symptoms of Hiatus hernia can also be treated by IQoro. So too, snoring and sleep apnoea, but we have decided to invest first in marketing our revolutionary treatment to stroke survivors. Says Terry Morris, Business Development Director of MYoroface AB.

In the first week in April, IQoro® will be featured in the publication ‘Stroke News’, which will arrive on the doormats of 79,000 survivors and their carers. Look for our message, which has been approved by the Stroke Association, on the inside front page.