IQoro in the UK healthcare system

In its homeland, Sweden, IQoro® is purchased by more than half of the regional health authorities to be issued to patients with difficulties with swallowing or speech, facial paralysis, LPR, Hiatus hernia, snoring, sleep apnoea and the other conditions that it treats. It is not available in the same way in the UK, only by […]

Image on IQoro in the sun

IQoro and Stroke in the UK

IQoro is a Swedish invention and product that is now being launched with real impact in the UK. IQoro has agreed to be a sponsor at three important UK and Northern Ireland stroke events.  IQoro will be represented and will exhibit at the forums for stroke care professionals in Northern Ireland, Wales, and England and […]

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MYoroface – one of Sweden’s ten most innovative entrepreneurs

On April 5th, Sweden’s ten most innovative entrepreneurs were bestowed with awards. MYoroface, a company connected to Uminova Innovation and Biotech Umeå, were one of the companies to receive a 200 000 SEK stipend. Read the article in Nordic Life Science – click here