MYoroface talar på Park Annual - Göteborg

MYoroface talar på Park Annual - Göteborg

I morgon den 17 september öppnar Park Annual - en mötesplats för 400 deltagare inom life science i Göteborg. I år är MYoroface, via Linn Hägg en av de start-up bolag som kommer tala på scenen och delta i one to one meetings. 

Ämne: Our mouth – central to our development and the key to make the impossible possible.

2 million people in Sweden suffer from swallowing difficulties, dysphagia, with symptoms as either reflux, heartburn, choking more during meals, difficulties to control tongue or lip movement etc.

The mouth is central to our development from babies to adults – it is also the key to stimulate brain plasticity to treat dysphagia after e.g. stroke, brain damage, diaphragm hernia (hiatus hernia) and facial paralysis.

IQoro® has through 20 years of research in collaboration with Uppsala and Umeå University Hospitals proven to successfully treat a large and vulnerable patient population, many earlier left without effective treatment. 

När: 17 september 

Tid: Efter kl. 13:10 

Plats: Wallenbergs Konferens Center, Göteborg

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