90 seconds IQoro against snoring and apnoea

90 seconds training per day with IQoro reduces your snoring through strengthening weakened musculature – a common reason/cause for snoring and apnoea.

Scientific clinical research – IQoro strengthens muscles

Clinical studies have shown that IQoro strengthens weakened musculature in the tongue, soft palate and upper respiratory tract. IQoro thus relieves the symptoms of snoring, and of sleep apnoea caused when the upper respiratory tract collapses and causes an interruption to night time breathing.

If you use a snoring device or a CPAP at night, then you can train in parallel during the day with IQoro. Always talk to your doctor before you stop using a prescribed snoring device or CPAP.  

Fewer nightly breathing interruptions after 3 months’ treatment

A pilot study of 10 people with diagnosed sleep apnoea (OSA – obstructive sleep apnoea) who had used CPAP for more than a year, trained with IQoro for 3 months in parallel.

Sleep registration, before and after training with IQoro, shows clear improvements. In the graph below you can see how the patients’ AHI (Apnoea Hypopnea Index) improved

Download the study

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