Swedish scale-up company challenges traditional ways of treating reflux

Reflux-based diseases are a global problem, affecting not only individuals’ quality of life, but also causing severe socio-economic consequences. Reflux is chronic, and in the western world, as many as 20 percent of the population are suffering from reflux-based symptoms that can be treated with IQoro – a neuromuscular training device.

IQoro is the only treatment for the root cause of reflux other than an operation. It strengthens the weakened muscles around the hiatal canal that allow the problems of reflux to occur – without surgical intervention. IQoro training stimulates the nerve systems to activate and strengthen the entire muscle chain of the swallowing process, from the lips down to the diaphragm. This self-treatment can be carried out by the patient anywhere and takes only 90 seconds per day.

“By treating the root cause of reflux, IQoro improves patient outcomes and obviates the need for long term medication or surgery. It also helps to reduce the number of visits to primary care practitioners, since patients self-treat”, says Ylvali Gerling, CEO and co-founder of MYoroface AB, the company behind IQoro.

IQoro was awarded NHS prescription status in the UK from May 1st 2022. IQoro is patented in most major countries and currently has approximately 80,000 users across Europe. IQoro treats the conditions of reflux-based diseases caused by hiatal hernia, dysphagia (swallowing difficulties), snoring and sleeping apnoea.

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