Tips for training with IQoro

Here are some tips for training with IQoro to make your training as efficient and comfortable as possible. These tips make it easier to keep your routine, and to can reach your goals.

In the beginning, it’s quite normal that, the training action is new for your muscles and your tongue tries to help by placing its tip behind your upper teeth. If this happens you should consciously position the tip of your tongue down in the fleshy hollow below your front teeth in your lower jaw.

Do you find it difficult to complete three training sessions per day?

Most people can manage 90 seconds’ exercise per day – the difficulty can be remembering to train. Learn to associate your training with a routine, for example before a mealtime (always recommended with dysphagia), after you brush your teeth, or when you watch the news on TV.

Don’t try to do all three training sessions without a break, you’ll just tire your muscles and you will not achieve the same neurological effect. Rest at least two hours between each session so that the muscles have time to regain their strength

The training regime is based on scientific research: three sessions a day, each comprising three pulls of up to 10 seconds each. Never pull for longer than 10 seconds.

Do you find that it your IQoro rubs against your gums?

Try pulling forward lightly first, just enough to break contact between your IQoro and your gums; then you can pull forward powerfully against your lips.

Do you find it difficult to seal your lips tightly?

In that case, a jaw-grip may help. Look at the video to see how that is performed.

Do you have unsteady head or neck control?

To improve support, and maintain the correct body posture, feel free to use a cushion. Place the cushion behind the back of your head and not your neck.