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Why we are introducing IQoro with results guarantee

Every day, IQoro helps thousands of people with problems such as acid reflux, heartburn, swallowing difficulties and snoring. To really emphasize how well IQoro works, we decided to offer a results guarantee.

Of course, it is amazing that so many people are already using IQoro. However, there are also millions of people with problems who have not yet tested IQoro. This is despite the fact that their problems could also be treated by a simple, daily, exercise routine with IQoro.

Since IQoro is a new and innovative treatment method, we understand that there might be an uncertainty about whether the treatment really gives the good results that we say it does.

The neuromuscular training device IQoro

Can a small piece of plastic really help?

We are constantly recieving different versions of the question: How can a small piece of plastic help me with problems that I have had for decades, and for which I have consulted countless doctors?

Sometimes the question is addressed directly to us, sometimes it is implicit and other times we just feel that it is a question lurking at the back of the mind, even if it is never said out loud. And it’s not unlikely that you also thought something similar the first time you heard about IQoro.

Many of our most satisfied customers have asked themselves the same question, but they still chose to give IQoro a try.

We know that many of our most satisfied customers have asked themselves the same question, but they still chose to give IQoro a try – something they are very happy about afterwards.

And since many people are hesitant, we decided to come up with a more effective way of communicating that IQoro has a proven effect. We wanted to make sure that everyone knows that we do not doubt our treatment and its positive effects for a second.

For this reason, we have decided to offer a results guarantee.

That means, if you train with IQoro in the same way as set out in the accompanying manual and still do not improve, you can get your money back

We couldn’t possibly give you such a guarantee, if we did not fully believe that you will get better.

Training according to the manual is consistent with how the participants trained in the scientific studies of IQoro, which is why we know that it will work.

Why isn’t the effect of IQoro already widely known?

IQoro is an innovative neuromuscular training device that effectively treats a number of different ailments, including acid reflux, heartburn, snoring and swallowing difficulties, which affects millions of people.

It is a medical device that everyone can use, which naturally treats problems that previously required surgery, medication or major lifestyle changes to remedy. Or even worse – a lifelong suffering that no treatment can help.

If it really works, it should already be widely known, and every doctor should recommend IQoro to their patients suffering from this type of problem, right?

But it isn’t really that simple. When we claim that “a small piece of plastic” can treat heartburn, acid reflux, difficulty swallowing, snoring, sleep apnoea and a number of other ailments, it’s easy to think that it sounds suspect. We understand that.

The doubts become even stronger when you ask your doctor about it, and they have never heard of either IQoro or similar treatment methods.

We understand that too.

It takes time for new knowledge to become established

It takes time for new knowledge to spread and for new methods to become established. It takes time and effort to study new treatments, and even doctors have limited time available to keep up to date with new studies.

New solutions to old problems risk being dismissed as “it sounds rather too good to be true”. Especially if the solutions seem to be “too simple”.

There is a natural, and basically healthy, scepticism to anything new and revolutionary and which promises a lot. There’s really nothing strange about this.

Our mission is to explain how well the method actually works and the evidence that we genuinely have for this.

In which case, our job is to purposefully spread knowledge about IQoro, because we know how much it would mean for people’s quality of life. Our mission is to explain how well the method actually works and to show the evidence that we have for this.

For this reason, we needed to come up with an even clearer and more reliable way that we really do know that IQoro works. 

How can we summarize all our knowledge about the efficacy of treatment with IQoro, so vigorously that even more people will have the confidence to actually try it themselves, or at least be curious enough to learn more about their symptoms?

Our conclusion was that a results guarantee would really show that we, who have the knowledge, do not have the slightest doubt that IQoro really works. And the best way for you to start believing in it is to start using IQoro yourself.

Why does the results guarantee come now?

IQoro is a relatively new product on the market, even if the research on IQoro has been going on for more than 20 years. Taking a medical device from idea to commercial sales takes a very long time and places high demands.

We have now been selling IQoro via e-commerce directly to private individuals for seven years, starting 2014.

So, why are we introducing the results guarantee now?

Over the past two years, MYoroface (the company behind IQoro) has expanded. We have been able to expand the customer support, which allows us to communicate directly with many new and old customers.

We are in daily dialogue with many customers by e-mail, phone and in social media.

The results from the scientific research, on which we lean when we give evidence-based advice on treatment, are the same. However, during these years, we have also received a great deal of unscientific knowledge from all the people who use IQoro every day.

And lots of questions from people who have not yet taken the step and bought an IQoro, but who are interested in learning more.

During this time, we have collected over 1000 customer reviews, short stories, which are freely available for reading on the website. We are in daily dialogue with many customers by e-mail, phone and in social media.

In addition, we have conducted customer surveys where over 7000 customers answered a number of questions about their problems and their results from training with IQoro.

Even though we already had excellent knowledge about how well IQoro worked, the picture has become very clear for us:

IQoro has improved the quality of life for a lot of people. We see the results they obtain.

IQoro improves the quality of life for many people

The real risk is that we won’t succeed in reaching out properly to enough of those people who should start training with IQoro, but who are hesitating to spend money on a product that they are not confident will work.

With IQoro, you get the conditions to succeed, but you must do the work yourself. With the results guarantee, we want to show that we are with you all the way and we want you to succeed.

Linn Hägg, co-founder of MYoroface AB explains why we are introducing the results guarantee

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