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Caroline took control of the feeling of a lump in her throat!

Caroline’s story is an inspiring one that saw her take control of her heartburn and the feeling of a lump in her throat with help from IQoro.

Problems got worse over the years

For several years Caroline had suffered from heartburn in the mornings after drinking her morning cup of coffee, but then in autumn 2023 her problems worsened.

“Now and then I experienced a heavy pressure on my chest in the evening after eating a large meal,” reports Caroline. 

A terrifying evening

“On my sister’s birthday in November, it felt almost as though something had ruptured. We had eaten and drunk quite a lot during the evening and as I was going to sleep, I was in real discomfort because of the heavy pressure on my chest and heartburn. And in the morning I had the feeling of a lump in my throat that lasted for two stressful weeks.”

The heavy pressure on her chest and the heartburn were uncomfortable.

Frustration with her doctor

Caroline started googling her symptoms and ordered an IQoro within a few days. She started treatment right away and has trained three times a day since then.  

She also sought help at her healthcare centre, but her doctor’s focus on anxiety and anti-anxiety medication for the feeling of a lump in her throat frustrated her. “I politely but firmly rejected the anti-anxiety medication,” remarks Caroline. 

Results with IQoro

Her doctor prescribed omeprazole for two weeks, but when Caroline began reducing her medication, the lump in her throat and the heartburn returned.

“So I continued taking the omeprazole until January 2024, when I began reducing it again. This time it all went much better. I had been training with IQoro at the same time and now I was starting to see results.”

I saw results pretty quickly.

 “I’d already given up coffee by the time I visited my doctor back in the autumn, but otherwise I’ve eaten and drunk as usual. I’ve barely had any heartburn in the last few weeks.”

No plans to stop training

Caroline is determined to continue using IQoro. “I NEVER want that unpleasant feeling of a lump in my throat back,” she says. “I’ve been training for just over five months now and have no plans to stop.”

I NEVER want that unpleasant feeling of a lump in my throat back.

Caroline, Västerås, Sweden

“The feeling of a lump in my throat was awful”

Ulrika had an uncomfortable feeling of a lump in her throat after a long period of illness. When the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with her, she Googled and found IQoro. Today she is symptom-free.

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5.0 star rating

“I have been using IQoro for over three months now with excellent results. It has alleviated some very worrisome symptoms, such as the feeling of a lump in the back of my throat and the throat soreness that was ever present during the worst of my LPR symptoms.”


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