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IQoro with results guarantee – how it works

IQoro with results guarantee allows you to return your IQoro if you do not notice positive changes in your symptoms after six months of training. Here, we answer questions about the results guarantee.

On this page, we explain in brief how the results guarantee works and answer any questions you may have. The full terms and conditions for the results guarantee can be found here.

How does the results guarantee for IQoro work?

Briefly, this is how to order an IQoro with results guarantee:

1. Get started

Buy an IQoro in our webshop or via customer support on +46 10 551 67 22 and get started with your daily routine of 90 seconds’ training according to the enclosed manual. 

Do not hesitate to contact customer support, if you are unsure about how to train or if you do not obtain any results. Free support via chat, email or phone is always included from day one.

2. Train for 6 months

If, after 6 months of training, you have not noticed any improvements in your symptoms, you can choose to return your IQoro and get your money back. You may use the results guarantee after 6 months of training at the earliest, but no later than 9 months after purchase. 

3. Contact us

In this case, you contact our customer support, who will send a questionnaire for you to complete, and you will receive instructions on how to return the product. When we have received the product, we will issue the refund (with any deduction for discounts). Read the full terms and conditions here.

How can I measure if I am getting results?

We recommend you do the self-tests in the manual before you start, so you can monitor your progress. If you have symptoms of hiatus hernia, such as heartburn, acid reflux, dry cough, or lump in your throat, you can do our self-test online. Save the results and take the test regularly, for example monthly, to monitor your progress.

Write down how you feel

Assessing changes over time can be difficult without some type of documentation. Feel free to write down how you feel, and how you experience your symptoms, so you can look back and compare after training for a while. 

Muscular training requires continuity and maintenance. It would be a shame if you stopped training or returned your IQoro, even though you had started to obtain positive results, but didn’t notice this because it might be difficult remembering what it felt like in the beginning.

How can you guarantee that IQoro will give results?

We know that at least 97 percent of the participants in the scientific studies on training with IQoro improved and more than half became symptom-free. We also see good results with our customers in the form of good reviews and comments on social media, customer stories and the answers to our customer questionnaires. 

That said, of course, seeing improvements requires active effort and a daily routine on your part. However, if you train for 90 seconds a day according to the accompanying manual, that is to say, in the same way as the participants in the studies, you can count on a similar result.

To genuinely make the point that we trust the study results, we have chosen to offer a 6-month results guarantee, which accompanies your IQoro. If you don’t notice any improvements in 6 months, you can return your IQoro and get your money back. 

We want those troubled by hiatal hernia, swallowing difficulties or snoring to feel safe when ordering an IQoro. We are by your side all the way – if you train according to the manual and listen to our tips along the way, you will succeed!

What evidence is there to show IQoro works?

IQoro treats a number of different symptoms, all of which have their origin in the musculature and nerve signals linked to the natural swallowing process. 

The answer to the question; what evidence do we have that IQoro works, may vary, depending on the symptoms or problems we’re discussing. If you want a more specific answer, please read about your problems on the website or address the question directly to our customer support.

Here, we only provide a general answer:

  • A total of 17 internationally published studies have reviewed the effect of exercising with IQoro. The studies are not our own, they have, instead, been carried out by researchers with many different professions at different universities in Sweden, funded by state funds and research funds.
  • Thanks to descriptions of how different problems arise and how training with IQoro works, it is possible to form your own idea of the treatment’s action, not just that it works.
  • There is extensive clinical experience from patients in healthcare, who have used IQoro with good results. Over 100.000 people have trained with IQoro before you.
  • Hundreds of customer reviews from satisfied customers are available for reading on our website. Almost every day, e-mails or messages via social media arrive from customers who have obtained a whole new quality of life, because their symptoms have lessened or disappeared completely. 

Why is the guarantee for 6 months?

In the studies on training with IQoro, the participants train for 6-8 months. These provide the strongest evidence we have that the training works and, for this reason, these form the basis for our recommendations. 

In our customer surveys, the vast majority of positive results appear earlier, many already after a couple of weeks. Around 50 percent see results within 1-2 months and about 80 per cent have positive results within 5 months of training. 

Depending on your individual circumstances, it can sometimes take longer. Around five percent of our customers get their first positive results after more than six months of training, so it’s worthwhile continuing with the routine.

The results come gradually and, even if you do not reach symptom-free in six months, you will most likely have improved.

In other words, in some cases it may take more than six months. However, by then, the proportion that has improved is so large that we have chosen this as a suitable time limit for the guarantee.

Do not wait if you feel unsure, instead, contact our customer support if you have any questions about your training or results.

How do you know if I’ve trained enough?

Of course, we cannot know that. We can only assume that those who order an IQoro really do want to achieve a positive change, and then it is necessary to use the product actively and correctly. The fact that the product has been left in a drawer is not an acceptable reason for returning it.

You can always return your IQoro in unopened packaging within 30 days. This is regulated by your right to reverse a purchase and should not be confused with the results guarantee. 

If you’ll be able to obtain results at all, it is necessary to keep to a training routine over time. Weakened muscles can only get stronger through exercise.

How long this will take depends on your unique circumstances, but it always requires a little perseverance, because it normally takes a couple of months. You make a small investment of 90 seconds a day for your health and you cannot take a shortcut if you want to see a change. 

Even if you neglect the training occasionally, and miss a day, the training you have done is not wasted, but it could take you longer to get results. So be honest with yourself and don’t give up. 

For some, obtaining significant improvements takes almost no time at all, but this is not normally a quick fix. With the results guarantee, we want to let you know that we are by your side all the way and we are certain that the results will come, if you follow the training routine in the manual.

It’s worth adding that you cannot count on faster results, if you train for more than 90 seconds a day. 

Can I return my IQoro if I am symptom-free after 6 months?

Obviously, attaining symptom-free is not an acceptable reason for returning your IQoro, because you really have achieved a good result from your training.

That being said, it is unwise to stop training just because your symptoms decrease or cease completely. The muscles that you have trained will weaken again, if you stop training, because muscles break down when we do not exercise them, and your symptoms will then return sooner or later. 

On the other hand, if you have achieved your desired result, you can reduce the number of training sessions and just use, for example, your IQoro mornings and evenings to maintain your good result. Test it out, to find a level that suits you.

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