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Mucus in the throat and throat clearing

If you have thick mucus in your throat or you constantly clear your throat, then you have common symptoms of a hiatus hernia. Mucus in the throat is the body’s defence mechanism to protect the mucous membranes against the corrosive stomach acid that leaks out in event of a hiatus hernia.

Do you constantly suffer from thick saliva or mucus in your throat even when you don’t have a cold, perhaps you clear your throat frequently, particularly after eating? Are the symptoms more obvious in the evening, night or in the morning?

Phlegm can be difficult to swallow. Perhaps you even need a spittoon next to the bed or have to go and spit in the sink? If so, you are not alone.

Can the cause of thick mucus and throat clearing be treated? 

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Causes of mucus in the throat and throat clearing

The sensation of mucus in the throat and having to clear your throat can be symptoms of a hiatal hernia, a weakened diaphragm.

When the diaphragm is weakened it does not have the strength to hold the stomach in the right position. This results in the stomach acid starting to leak up into the oesophagus and causing corrosive damage to the mucous membranes there.

In the long-term this can lead to serious illness, so it is important to strengthen the diaphragm as soon as one realises that one might have a hiatus hernia.

IQoro on prescription in the UK - click the banner for more info
IQoro on prescription in the UK - click the banner for more info

Why does one get mucus in the throat?

Stomach acid is corrosive, and as long as it remains in the stomach, which is made for it, it is not a problem. However, when the lower oesophageal sphincter does not seal and it ends up in other places, it becomes a problem.

The body then creates phlegm to try to protect the mucous membranes in the throat and oesophagus against the stomach acid the leaks up from the stomach.

Mucus and saliva in the throat

Why do I clear my throat all the time?

Clearing the throat of the unpleasant phlegm is the natural reaction.

If the mucus and throat clearing is caused by a hiatus hernia, the leakage of stomach acid will not stop by itself. Instead, you will probably continue to clear your throat constantly.

This can be very stressful both for you and for those around you. Therefore, clearing your throat is also seen as a social problem.

Why don’t I have heartburn?

Lots of people who read about the flow of stomach acid up into the oesophagus and throat think of heartburn and acid reflux.

But there is also something called silent reflux, which means that there is a flow of stomach acid without suffering the burning sensation that we associate with heartburn.

Phlegm in the throat and throat clearing are two common symptoms of silent reflux.

But phlegm in the throat and throat clearing are not something that you need to suffer from year after year. It is important to treat the mucus and throat clearing as soon as possible, to avoid the internal muscles from weakening further and leading to more problems.

It is not unusual for people suffering from a hiatus hernia to also suffer from snoring, poor oral health and swallowing difficulties as time goes on.

Treat throat clearing and phlegm in the throat

You have probably tried lots of different methods to treat throat clearing and mucus in the throat. Everything from cutting out dairy products to buying expectorant at the pharmacy.

If you recognise several symptoms of a hiatus hernia in yourself, then treatment with IQoro is a possible solution to your problems.

As opposed to expectorants or similar, which just treat the symptoms, IQoro treats the cause behind the discomfort, so that you can be symptom free.

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“To my amazement and surprise, I have almost completely “cured” my throat clearing issue.”

Grant A

The treatment with IQoro is simple to carry out, but requires a daily training routine that only takes a total of 90 seconds, divided into three sessions of 30 seconds. At each session the internal muscles are intensively activated which makes them stronger over time.

Acid reflux treatment with IQoro

The diaphragm can successively take control over the position of the stomach, leakage of stomach acid is reduced and thereby also the thick phlegm in the throat and throat clearing. Many people become completely symptom free.

IQoro comes with a results guarantee. If you don’t improve, you can ask for your money back.

Read more about how the training works.

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