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How to use IQoro

Here you will find videos that show how you can train confidently and effectively with IQoro.

Exercising with IQoro activates the body’s own pre-programmed system: a natural chain of nerve pathways and muscles from the mouth and brain to the stomach.

This means that training with IQoro cannot do harm, and can be carried out simply at home or at work.

Watch the video to get a quick overview in 30 seconds of how to train with IQoro. (Further down you will find a more comprehensive version of the video.)

Training with IQoro step by step

How you train with IQoro, Grip it between your index finger and middle finger
  • Grip your IQoro with the handle between your index finger and middle finger
  • You can use it with the handle angled upwards or downwards.
How you train with IQoro, You have nothing inside the oral cavity itself.
  • Place your IQoro between your lips and your teeth.
  • You have nothing inside the oral cavity itself.
  • Keep your head straight, with your chin tucked slightly downwards.
  • The angle between your chin and neck should be 90°.
  • Press your lips tightly together to grip the handle.
  • Relax your jaw – do not clench your teeth.
  • First pull your IQoro gently forward, just enough to break contact with your gums.
  • Now pull your lips forward firmly without their losing their grip.
  • You should feel the back of your tongue rise and retract.
You have nothing inside the oral cavity itself. Every pull is 5-10 seconds
  • Hold still for 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Relax and rest for 3 seconds.
  • You can keep the IQoro in your mouth while you rest

A low-pressure is now created in the oral cavity, which automatically makes the rear of the tongue move upwards and backwards against the pharynx.

The tongue forms a shape like a ski-jump from the pharynx down to the base of the mouth. The tip of the tongue should end up in the hollow just behind the lower teeth.

  • Repeat 2 more times to perform a total of 3 pulls.
  • Perform 3 training sessions per day for best results, with at least 2 hours in between.
  • Total training time: 90 seconds per day.
  • For optimal results with dysphagia, do this immediately before a mealtime to prepare the swallowing musculature and get the best effect from your training.
  • The time it takes to get results from your training varies, depending on the type of problem you have and your individual conditions.
  • Read more on duration of treatment.

Video: How you exercise on your own

In this film we show in a extensive way how an IQoro training session should look, and what is important to keep in mind :

  • How you grip on your IQoro
  • Your posture
  • How you press your lips together against the handle to get the best possible effect from your training.

Video: How you exercise with assistance

If you cannot use your arms properly, perhaps because of paralysis, injury, or some other reduced functionality, you should watch this video.

It shows how you can train with assistance, for example from a relative or a carer, and what is important to focus on.

If you also have a problem in closing your lips tightly on the handle we show how your assistant can help you by performing a so-called ‘jaw grip’.