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How to use IQoro

On this page we explain how to train with IQoro.

Using IQoro is easy. By pulling outwards and holding back with the lips, nerve pathways are stimulated and a total of 148 muscles are activated – from the mouth and lips, down to the upper part of the stomach.

Training can be carried out wherever you are, and takes a total of 30 seconds per training session.

This is how to train in 30 seconds

Training with IQoro step by step

How you train with IQoro, You have nothing inside the oral cavity itself.
  • Grip IQoro between your index and middle finger.
  • Place IQoro inside your lips, but in front of your teeth.
  • Sit or stand and look straight ahead.
  • Lower your chin slightly downwards.
  • Press your lips against the shaft. Your jaw should be relaxed. Do not bite.
  • First, lightly pull outwards so that IQoro releases contact with your gums.
  • Breath in normally, then hold your breath.
  • Pull straight out for 10 seconds while holding back with your lips.
  • Exhale and relax for 3 seconds.
  • Repeat another 2 times (3 pulls in total).
  • You actively train for a total of 30 seconds per session.
  • Complete 3 training sessions per day with at least 2 hours of rest between sessions.
  • Train just before meals if you suffer from swallowing difficulties to get the best effect from the exercise.

How long does it take for me to get better?

How long it takes to get results from the training varies, depending on the type of problems you have and your individual circumstances.

According to our results guarantee you will see results of your training within 6 months. But many people start experiencing the first improvements much sooner.

Video: How you exercise on your own

In this film we show in a extensive way how an IQoro training session should look, and what is important to keep in mind :

  • How you grip on your IQoro
  • Your posture
  • How you press your lips together against the handle to get the best possible effect from your training.

Train with the IQoro app

Our app helps you create a training routine for your IQoro. Add your own reminders and keep track of how long you train. You’ll also find practical training tips and can follow up on your results to see how your symptoms decrease over time.

The app is available for free download for both IOS and Android. The app is currently available in English and Swedish. 

Learn more about the training app

5.0 star rating

“I have found a marked improvement in my symptoms of acid reflux and hiatus hernia since using IQoro. I would recommend it’s use for all who suffer from acid reflux.”

Joan S, verified customer.

Training FAQ

How hard should I pull IQoro?

You do not need to use a lot of strenght when pulling IQoro forward. Remember that it’s your lips that should be tense – not your neck or arm muscles.
Read more about how hard you should pull IQoro here

How should I hold IQoro when training?

There are two ways to hold IQoro to train correctly. In both cases, the handle ends up inside your clenched hand.
Read more about holding IQoro here

Should I hold my breath?

Yes. When using IQoro, hold your breath for the 10 seconds when you pull IQoro outwards.
Not everybody can hold their breath for 10 seconds. Then it’s perfectly fine to hold your breath for as long as you can.

Should I create vacuum in my mouth?

No. You’re not supposed to swallow to create a vacuum in your mouth before pulling IQoro outwards. Your lips should create the resistanse against IQoro when pulling the device outward. If you create a vacuum in your mouth, your lips won’t have to exert when you pull IQoro. This will result in a poorer effect.

Where should my tongue be positioned?

Your tongue will automatically end up where it is supposed to when you pull the IQoro outwards according to our instructions. You do not need to worry about that.

What shape should my mouth have?

Form your mouth into a slight smile and close your lips around IQoro. Your lips should seal tightly against the handle. Your teeth should not be visible. Avoid forming a “kissing” mouth shape, as this will reduce the effectiveness of the exercise.

Should my teeth be touching each other?

Avoid clenching your teeth when training with IQoro. Your teeth may either touch each other during exercise, or there may be a small gap between your teeth. This can vary because our mouths look slightly different. The important thing is to relax your jaw while keeping your lips tense.

Will I cure my symptoms more quickly if I train more often than recommended?

No, you will most likely not get a better effect from exercising more often than recommended. Instead, your muscles may become overworked and you may experience soreness.

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