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What is IQoro?

IQoro is a treatment for reflux, snoring and swallowing difficulties. IQoro works by strengthening 148 muscles between your mouth and stomach that you use every time you swallow.

Thanks to IQoro, our customers can stop using PPI medication, sleep without snoring aids and have dinner with loved ones again. 

How does IQoro work?

Watch the video to learn how IQoro works.

Each time you swallow a piece of food or a gulp of water, a chain of a total of 148 muscles works to transport the food or liquid down to the stomach safely.

A lot of important functions in the body start from these muscles. That means that if one or more muscles are weakened, a number of different problems can arise.

5.0 star rating

“After nearly 50 years of acid reflux I have found something that reduces symptoms without medication or side effects. Improvements started after about 10 weeks and now I can eat most things without problems.”

John B, verified customer.

Strengthens muscles that cannot be activated consciously

What IQoro does, which has not previously been possible, is to train and strengthen the whole of the muscle chain that mainly consists of internal muscles. It includes muscles that you cannot activate consciously.

The swallowing process is activated from the mouth. You insert the “fins” of your IQoro inside the lips (but outside the teeth) and pull straight out, at the same time as holding it with your lips.

What does a workout with IQoro look like? Watch the video to find out.

Nerves send signals to muscles via the brain

The neural paths that run from the mouth send signals up to the brain, which in turn tells the different muscles all the way down to the diaphragm, oesophagus and upper section of the stomach to start working.

One can liken it to a high intensity power swallow, which can last for up to ten seconds.

Your problems improve as your muscles get stronger

When you regularly activate the muscles in this way they get stronger. Because the symptoms are caused by weakened muscles, your symptoms will reduce successively – completely naturally without any medication.

The description above is a simplification. Read how to train with IQoro in detail here.

Join our livestream to learn if IQoro can help you.
Join our livestream to learn if IQoro can help you.

Why should I buy IQoro?

You should buy IQoro for long-term well-being, instead of continuing with short-term symptom relief. This applies regardless of whether you have a hiatus hernia, if you snore or if you have any other problems that can be treated with IQoro.

IQoro treats the cause – not just the symptoms

You may have been disappointed by all the temporary solutions that only treat the symptoms at the time. Instead, you want to address the underlying cause of your symptoms and help the body heal itself.

IQoro has no side effects – unlike medications

If you suffer from symptoms of a hiatus hernia, it may be that you have started to realise that you do not want to take PPI medications for the rest of your life. Maybe you worry about the long-term side effects from the medication or the combination of PPIs and other medicines that you need to feel well.

IQoro winner of the Bionow Product of the Year Award

IQoro has been awarded the prestigious Product of the Year award at the Bionow Awards held in Manchester on 7 March 2024. IQoro was the only foreign nominated entry to win the award, which according to the jury stood out for its effectiveness and ability to replace drugs and surgery.

The winning product is effective, easy to scale and can offset the need for surgery and medication so is therefore very impactful. Read more about the award

What symptoms does IQoro treat?

IQoro treats a number of different complaints and symptoms that may not seem directly related to each other. But all the symptoms that IQoro treats are connected to problems in the swallowing process. Usually, the cause is weakened muscles, but it can also be due to neurological problems.

IQoro treats, among other things:

  • Reflux, heartburn and acid regurgitation
  • Snoring and sleep apnoea
  • Thick mucus or a lump in the throat
  • Throat clearing and dry cough
  • Difficulty in swallowing

You can read about the different problems that can be treated using IQoro here.

The treatment is natural – without any medication and only takes 30 seconds to perform. For the best possible results, we recommend that you carry out the treatment three times per day.

Take a 3 minute self-test

Find out if you have a hiatus hernia.

A hiatus hernia is a common underlying cause of heartburn, acid regurgitation and a lump in the throat.

How do I know that IQoro will work?

There is a lot of different evidence to prove that IQoro really works. In the following sections you can read more about the most talked about evidence.

  • Scientific studies
  • Clinical experience
  • Stories from people who have been helped by IQoro
  • Thousands of customer reviews

So that you feel reassured in ordering IQoro and getting started with your treatment, we have a results guarantee. This means that you get your money back if your symptoms have not improved after six months.

Your money back if you don’t improve

We have introduced the results guarantee because we know that IQoro works. You will feel better by just getting started with the treatment and keeping up with your daily routine.

Research and experience show that IQoro works

We base this on scientific studies, clinical experience and all the fantastic anecdotal evidence we get from customers who have got better.

We want to emphasise that we are eager for you to succeed. Our customer support is with you along the way if you need any tips or advice.

We’ve also developed an app to help you keep up with the routine and a Facebook group with other users to share experiences with. 

You do not need to do anything special to get a results guarantee, it comes as standard with an IQoro purchased from our online store or through our customer service. 

Read about the results guarantee

Studies on treatment with IQoro

There are a total of 17 internationally published and reviewed scientific studies of treatment with IQoro.

The studies are not our own but have been financed by government funds and research funds. The studies have been carried out at Swedish Universities by research teams composed of different professions such as surgeons, ear, nose and throat specialists, speech and language experts, dentists and gastroenterologists.

Most of the published research articles are available for free download. Some require access to databases however.

Read more about the studies on IQoro

Clinical experience

IQoro is a new and innovative product, but is already used by both public and private healthcare providers in several countries and regions of Sweden.

Good experience in the health sector

In addition to the scientific studies there is also good clinical experience from healthcare that shows that IQoro is both a good and simple treatment method.

In total over 100,000 people have trained with IQoro so far.

Acid reflux treatment with IQoro
IQoro is used by lots of healthcare providers in several countries.

Customer reviews and stories

Several thousand people have written reviews that are openly posted on the website, in different languages. All the reviews are from customers who have purchased IQoro from the online store.

Read all customer reviews in English.

5.0 star rating

“I must have been feeling pretty flush or very fed up when someone told me about an £150 piece of plastic that would stop heartburn. Having just had several episodes in a week despite using lazoprazole I put my money down and waited for the wonder device to arrive. Relief was almost immediate. And four months later I’d say I’m largely cured.”

Brant R, verified customer.

Stories from our customers about training with IQoro

In addition, you can read a number of longer personal accounts from customers who have chosen to share their stories and the results of their treatment with IQoro.

The accounts are from customers who recall the difference IQoro has made to their lives. Some customers have written their accounts themselves and some customers have been interviewed by us.

Is IQoro difficult to use?

No, training with IQoro is neither complicated, demanding nor time consuming. However, it does require a regular routine to get results. If you miss training occasionally it means no worse than the fact that it will take longer to get a result.

Faster than brushing your teeth

As a comparison, you need to spend less time training with IQoro each day than you do on brushing your teeth following dentist’s recommendations.

Lots of people perform their IQoro routine when they brush their teeth – but brushing teeth takes longer.

98% of users find it easy to get started

According to our customer surveys 98% of people think that it is easy to get started with IQoro. All the instructions that you need to get started come with the product, which can be ordered via our online store.

If you still have questions you are always welcome to call our customer support service located in Hudiksvall.

IQoro on prescription

If you live in the United Kingdom, you can get IQoro on prescription. IQoro is listed by the NHS as a medical device that a GP can prescribe when suitable for the patient.

If you are under the care of a Speech and Language Therapist, due to swallowing difficulties or other conditions, they may refer you to your doctor with a recommendation that an IQoro is prescribed.

IQoro on prescription in the UK - click the banner for more info
IQoro on prescription in the UK - click the banner for more info

If you want to bring IQoro to your GP’s attention, then this might best be done by taking one of these documents with you. It may be that they are not yet aware of the possibility of this new, innovative IQoro treatment.

On our website for clinicians, we have collected all information that healthcare professionals needs to know about prescribing IQoro

Where can I purchase my IQoro?

You can purchase IQoro from our online store. If you make your order before midday today we can send your IQoro this afternoon, providing it is a weekday.

You can also call our customer support service to make your order over the phone.

Read more about IQoro