What is IQoro?

IQoro is a neuromuscular training device that naturally treats the underlying causes of reflux, snoring, swallowing difficulties and other conditions. It is easy to get started and there are no side effects. The treatment is evidence based and the effect is proven in published scientific studies.

Hiatal hernia

Reflux, heartburn, burping, chronic cough and other symptoms can all have their origin in weakened diaphragm (hiatus) musculature.

With IQoro you strengthen your musculature and your symptoms successively decrease.

Snoring or sleep apnoea

Snoring and sleep apnoea are often caused by weakened musculature in the tongue, pharynx and soft palate which leads to snoring sounds and breathing interruptions.

By training with IQoro during the day you strengthen the weakened muscles so that they can hold your airways open when you sleep.

Swallowing difficulties

Swallowing difficulties can have several origins, but IQoro training addresses most.

The musculature in the entire swallowing process is strengthened, and if your problem was caused by stroke the affected nerve pathways to and from the brain can be recreated.

How IQoro addresses a range of conditions

By training with IQoro you strengthen the musculature in your face, oral cavity, throat and esophagus down to your diaphragm and stomach; all via your body’s natural communication pathways.

In this way you can train even musculature that cannot normally be activated through your voluntary commands, but that can only be reached by signals from the autonomic system in your brain. You can restore nerve pathways disrupted by a stroke.

The underlying cause of several conditions can be the weakening of some or all of these muscles. As you train with IQoro and strengthen these muscle systems you address the underlying cause of your symptoms in a completely natural way.

This is why IQoro can address a range of seemingly unrelated problems at the same time. For example acid reflux, snoring, and swallowing difficulties.

Read more about how the swallowing process normally functions if you’d like a deeper understanding of how it works.

Various problems are treated with IQoro

More than 30 000 people have discovered IQoro

Ake, former snorer

“Wonderful that we didn’t need to go as far as separate bedrooms”

Åke Sonerud, Sweden had snored for many years before he at last cured the problem. After a lecture at his Rotary Club about the neuromuscular training device IQoro’s positive effects on several conditions, including snoring, Åke Sonerud went and bought one. Nothing that he regrets today!

I have got back my night time peace. Wonderful that we didn’t need to go as far as separate bedrooms.
Read Åke’s story

This is how to train with IQoro

IQoro is a neuromuscular training device that stimulates nerve pathways and 148 muscles in the swallowing and respiratory processes – most can’t be reached by voluntary exercise. Each training session takes 30 seconds.

Place the device inside your lips but in front of your teeth, not inside your oral cavity.

Pull forwards firmly for 10 seconds, rest for 3 seconds. Repeat this this two more times. Done!

Perform this training session 3 times every day – with 2 hours between sessions for the best possible results.