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IQoro treats the root cause of a number of different conditions, including reflux, snoring, swallowing difficulties and a lump in the throat.

  • Easy to use
  • Natural treatment – no side effects
  • 97% improvement in scientific studies
  • Used in NHS hospitals & institutions

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Results guarantee

If you follow the training instructions for 6 months, but still haven't improved, we'll give you a refund.

    Product information

    What is IQoro?

    IQoro is a neuromuscular training tool that uses the body’s nervous system to strengthen muscles that you use when swallowing and breathing.

    IQoro strengthens muscles from the face, mouth and throat down to the oesophagus, diaphragm and stomach.

    When muscles don’t work properly, they can cause many different problems.

    IQoro strengthens internal muscles that cause the following problems:

    • Hiatal hernia
    • Heartburn and acid reflux
    • The feeling of a lump in the throat
    • Dry cough, throat clearing and mucus in the throat
    • Snoring and sleep apnoea
    • Swallowing difficulties

    All the above symptoms has the same root cause. IQoro can therefore be used to treat all of them.

    How to train

    Training with IQoro is easy.

    • A training session with IQoro takes 30 seconds
    • Train three times a day
    • Repeat training daily

    IQoro with results guarantee

    Your IQoro comes with a six-month results guarantee. This means you can get your money back if you no improvements have been seen after 6 months of training with IQoro. For the guarantee to apply, you need to have trained according to our instructions.

    Read the full terms and conditions of the results guarantee.

    IQoro is available in two sizes

    • IQoro size Children from 1 – 10 years of age
    • IQoro size Adult from 10 years of age

    About the training with IQoro

    When should you not train with IQoro?

    If you have any of the following diagnoses, you should not train with IQoro:

    • Trigeminal neuralgia
    • Para-oesophageal hernias
    • Achalasia cardia

    Read more about when you should avoid treatment with IQoro. Feel free to contact our customer support team if you have any doubts or questions.

    When you should train with caution

    If you have any of the following diagnoses, you should start treatment with caution:

    • Tinnitus
    • Peripheral Facial Paralysis

    Read more about when you should start treatment with caution. Feel free to contact our customer support team if you have any doubts or questions.

    The IQoro app helps you with your training

    When you buy an IQoro device, you can download a free app for iPhone or Android.

    The app includes:

    • Customer support with instructions
    • Answers to frequently asked questions
    • Personal training reminders that you can set
    • Built-in personal trainer

    You can download the IQoro app from the App store or Google Play.

    Customer support and manual included

    Lifetime customer support and a manual with instructions are included with each IQoro purchase.

    You can contact our customer support team via email, chat or phone.

    You can ask questions about IQoro both before and after your purchase. You can also get help with using IQoro, or ordering the product.

    The manual is available in the following languages: German, English, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and Swedish. You can choose the language of your manual at checkout.


    Shipping options

    Shipping options Delivery time Freight cost Traceable delivery
    DHL Economy Delivery 3-4 working days* UK: £11 / EU: £11-12** Traceable delivery
    DHL Express Delivery 1-3 working days* UK: £19 / EU: £14-17** Traceable delivery
    UPS Trackable Delivery 5-7 working days* UK: £10 / EU £8.5-13** Traceable delivery

    * This counts from the day after we have despatched your order from our warehouse.
    ** The exact price for your country will be visible in the check-out before before completing your order

    Easy purchasing

    Purchasing an IQoro online is as easy for you as purchasing from any UK company that you are used to dealing with. All customs and import documentation and fees are taken care of by us.

    No extra toll fees if you order to the UK

    IQoro is packed and shipped from Sweden, but if you order to the UK we take care of any toll fees and customs import documentations. This means you won´t pay any extra toll fees even though you order from the EU.

    Same day shipping and trackable delivery

    Orders placed before 11:00 a.m. on a working day will be shipped the same day; orders placed after this time, or at the weekend, will be shipped on the next working day. At ‘Checkout’ you can choose between the shipping alternatives available to your address. When we have processed your order we will send you details so that you can track the progress of your delivery.

    Read more about our shipping options.

    Shipping fee overview

    Below are some examples of our delivery fees to different countries in the EU and for the UK. If your country is not included in the chart, you can still always see the freight cost in the check-out before before completing your order.

    Austria DHL Economy – £12 DHL Express – £17 UPS – £13
    Germany DHL Economy – £11 DHL Express – £14 UPS – £8.5
    Spain DHL Economy – £12 DHL Express – £17 UPS – £13
    France DHL Economy – £12 DHL Express – £17 UPS – £13
    UK/NI DHL Economy – £11 DHL Express – £19 UPS – £10
    Ireland DHL Economy – £12 DHL Express – £17 UPS – £11
    Italy DHL Economy – £12 DHL Express – £17 UPS – £13
    Netherlands DHL Economy – £11 DHL Express – £14 UPS – £13

    Payment options

    Payment options 

    • VISA
    • Mastercard
    • A Paypal balance account
    • Klarna


    Paying for your IQoro is easy and safe. You can choose to pay through Paypal, Klarna or with VISA or Mastercard. When using Paypal you will need a Paypal account to continue with your purchase.

    It’s not possible to pay by cheque.

    Payment issues and queries

    If you’re having issues or queries regarding your payment when using either Paypal or Klarna, please contact the payment service provider for further help. If you have any health related questions, or questions about IQoro, please contact our customer support.

    Ordering as a healthcare institution or company

    Healthcare providers and companies cannot order in our webshop. Please contact our Customer Service desk.

    Buying and returning IQoro after Brexit

    Purchasing an IQoro online is as simple for you as purchasing from any UK company. IQoro is packed and shipped from Sweden, bu all customs and import documentation and fees are taken care of by us.

    No extra fees when ordering from us

    You may have heard that ordering products online from EU countries will result in extra cost or correspondence for you. Not with IQoro it won’t! We have taken care of all the extra costs ourselves, and the import regulations and declarations too.

    Packing an IQoro

    The simple way of buying an IQoro after Brexit

    1. You purchase IQoro on our website in exactly the same way as you would on a UK website.
      The prices are in pounds sterling. The VAT is at UK rates, and already included in the price you see.
    2. Your delivery cost will vary depending on the delivery option that you choose, but that’s it. No extra fees for freight or customs will be payable after you place your order.
    3. The delivery company you choose will deliver to the address you gave.
    4. We take care of all customs and import documentation – you don’t even need to think about it. We also bear the cost of all fees apart from the purchase price you agreed when you ordered.


    If, for any reason, you are contacted by the authorities concerned with UK imports or the tax authorities or anyone else, email or call us us and we’ll take care of it at our expense. That’s a promise!

    The simple way to return an IQoro after Brexit 

    If you want to return your IQoro, then the procedure is the same from the UK as from anywhere in the EU. The only difference for our UK customers is that you must print out and include a customs declaration form that we will provide. We have filled in all the details that are needed in the form. That’s all – otherwise it is the same as it was pre-Brexit.

    Simple step-by-step instructions for making a return

    1. If you want to return your IQoro, start by contacting us at
    2. You’ll get clear instructions from us, and a customs document that we have already filled in for you.
    3. Then you book a traceable post with UPS or DHL, include the customs document in the envelope and mark the envelope ‘Pro-forma invoice’. Don’t worry, we’ll remind you of this when it’s time for you to post.
    4. The pre-filled document that you send tells the customs authorities that it is a product return. This means no extra custom fees will be added. 
    5. When we receive your returned IQoro we’ll approve the transaction and repay you through the same payment channel that you used to pay us for your purchase.

    Important: Sending the product back to us without contacting us first will involve additional costs in customs that you will have to cover and that will be deducted from your refund.

    Terms of purchase

    Here you can read our full Terms and conditions of purchase and delivery. This is just a summary of the most important points and if something is unclear or ambiguous, the full terms and conditions always apply.

    Price and order

    You order IQoro through our webshop or by contacting our customer service by phone or email. If you represent a company, you always place the order through customer service as it is not adapted for business purchases.

    Prices include VAT. The VAT rate varies between different countries and is determined by the buyer’s delivery address. We reserve the right for errors on the website or in our advertisements. If you have a discount code, it must be stated before confirming the order.

    Countries we sell to

    We sell to all EU countries and the United Kingdom via our webshop

    However, we can only offer manuals in Swedish, English, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and German. If you do not come from a country where one of these languages ​​is an official language, you will receive the manual in Swedish if you order from the Swedish site or in English if you order on the international site unless you request different language as an order note at checkout.

    Warranty period and life expectancy of the product

    Our products have a warranty period of 7 months. This means that we replace the product within the warranty period if it breaks despite normal use, wear and care according to the manual. Save the receipt if you need to return the IQoro.

    In addition to the warranty, the Consumer Purchase Act applies, according to which you have three years to claim an original error on a product.

    The estimated life of an IQoro is one year. Depending on wear and individual differences in use, the service life may vary, which means that in some cases a product can wear out after the warranty period, but before the estimated service life.

    In connection with ordering, you agree that we store and use your information to complete and provide the service you can expect from us. We guarantee that no information will be passed on to third parties.

    Right of return

    As a private customer, you always have 30 days to cancel. For reasons of hygiene, as this is a medical device, a condition for the right of cancellation is that the seals of the product packaging (tape and perforated slip) are not broken and that the product is returned in unused, unchanged condition.

    It is important that you collect the package and then contact our customer service in order to exercise your right to cancel. 

    In the case of uncollected packages, we charge a fee of £39 (incl. VAT) to cover our costs in connection with the package being returned to us.

    You will need to use the return address label that is included in your delivery package. If you return your IQoro by any other method you’ll run the risk of having to pay a customs tariff too.

    Returning your EU order from before January 1, 2021

    Following Brexit the rules have changed for return of goods ordered from the EU. The shipment now needs to be accompanied by a customs invoice. Goods, even those purchased prior to January 1, 2021, become dutiable when returned.

    To ensure that the correct information is on the invoice, we ask you to kindly reach out to our customer support and we will provide you with the necessary documentation to facilitate the return.

    Our transport partners are unable to help you with this process and will return the parcel to you if there is no valid customs invoice accompanying the shipment.


    If you have received an incorrect or defective item, it is important that you contact customer service as soon as possible. Describe what is defect and the reason for the complaint as comprehensively as possible and specify customer number and LOT-number.

    For the first six months after the purchase, the burden of proof lies with us that the defect did not exist from the beginning. After six months, you must be able to prove that it is an original defect.

  • Easy to buy and return from the UK

    Purchasing an IQoro is as easy as purchasing from any UK company. No extra toll fees or expenses.

  • Winner of Bionow Product of the Year Award

    The jury justified the award by stating that IQoro is "effective, easy to scale up, and can reduce the need for surgery and medication".

  • No side effects - a natural treatment

    IQoro reinforces the body’s own natural swallowing systems, activates the nerve pathways and strengthens the muscles that they control