IQoro is a neuromuscular training device that treats the root cause of a number of different symptoms such as reflux, snoring and swallowing difficulties.

Brexit raises the cost of an IQoro by £21.00 due to changed freight and customs duties. Until 28th February the company will absorb these extra costs and the price to you is unchanged.


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    IQoro is available in two sizes

    • Size Adult. Suitable for all adults and children from 13 years, regardless of bite and jaw with the unique design.
    • Size children. Recommended from about 1.5 years up to 12 years.

    IQoro is CE marked Class 1 Medical Device with a shelf life of 1 year with active use.

    IQoro treats:

    • Acid reflux, heartburn
    • Hiatal hernia
    • Snoring, sleep apnoea
    • Swallowing difficulties – dysphagia
    • Drooling
    • Paralysis of the face, mouth and throat

    IQoro is a neuromuscular training device. It allows you to strengthen the muscles that you can’t usually train – at least not by consciously controlling these muscles. The instructions to activate these ‘involuntary’ muscles come only from autonomic brain signals.

    All it takes is 90 seconds exercise per day. IQoro uses the body’s natural nerve pathways to activate the muscles from the face, oral cavity, pharynx, esophagus and down to the diaphragm and stomach.

    A manual and support are part of your purchase

    We want you to have the best possible outcome of your training. You can contact us as often as you like by email, chat or telephone. As an IQoro user you are welcome to join our closed Facebook user group and share training tips with others.

    The training manual that is delivered with your IQoro contains validated self-tests that you can use and a training diary. Your IQoro comes in a storage box designed to be opened and closed easily even by those with reduced function in their hand.

    The IQoro manual is available in Swedish, English. Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and German. If you live in a country where none of these is the national language you will get a manual in Swedish (if you order from the Swedish language page in our website); or in English if you order in English. Alternatively, you can specify any one of the available languages by adding your request in the comment box when you order.

    This is how you train

    Training with IQoro is simple and easy to perform. A training session takes only 30 seconds, which you are recommended to do three times a day with at least two hours of rest in between.


    Brexit: Customs and delivery

    Goods shipped from Sweden, or any other EU country, to the UK after December 31st this year will be subject to new customs procedures.

    As a customer, you can continue to order your IQoro and have it delivered to your home, we shall handle all the new customs and import documentation and the customs handling fees and tariffs.

    Our freight partners have instituted preventative routines to ensure that our customers get their deliveries in time.


    At ‘Checkout’ you can choose between the shipping alternatives available to your address. When we have processed your order we will send you details so that you can track the progress of your delivery.

    Orders placed before 11:00 a.m. on a weekday will be shipped the same day; orders placed after this time, or at the weekend, will be shipped on the next working day.

    Read more about our shipping options.

    Payment alternatives for individuals

    Private customers can use Klarna Checkout or PayPal from our webshop.

    The alternatives are to pay by credit card (Visa or Mastercard), by bank transfer, on invoice, or by instalments. Payment by cheque is not possible.

    After identifying you and making an instantaneous credit check, Klarna Checkout will offer the options that are available to you. Direct any payment queries to Klarna or PayPal, and any product or health questions to our Customer Support desk.

    Read more about Klarna on their customer support webpage or about PayPal on their customer support page.

    Ordering as a healthcare institution or company
    Healthcare providers and companies cannot order in our webshop. Please contact our Customer Service desk.

    Brexit without a trade agreement between the EU and the UK means that the standard World Trade Organisation import tariff of 6.5% will be levied on all IQoro devices purchased after 31st December 2020. This will have the effect of raising the purchase price of an IQoro from £145.00 to £166.00 (both prices inclusive of UK VAT but excluding postage and packing).

    The situation is still unclear and, until we have more clarity on the subject, we shall absorb this cost ourselves. For now, our price remains unchanged at £145.00, the company will review this pricing policy on 28th Feb 2021.

    Read more about the affect of Brexit here

    Here you can read our full Terms and conditions of purchase and delivery. This is just a summary of the most important points and if something is unclear or ambiguous, the full terms and conditions always apply.

    Price and order

    You order IQoro through our webshop or by contacting our customer service by phone or email. If you represent a company, you always place the order through customer service as it is not adapted for business purchases.

    Prices include VAT. The VAT rate varies between different countries and is determined by the buyer’s delivery address. We reserve the right for errors on the website or in our advertisements. If you have a discount code, it must be stated before confirming the order.

    Countries we sell to

    We sell to all EU countries and the United Kingdom via our webshop

    However, we can only offer manuals in Swedish, English, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and German. If you do not come from a country where one of these languages ​​is an official language, you will receive the manual in Swedish if you order from the Swedish site or in English if you order on the international site unless you request different language as an order note at checkout.

    Warranty period and life expectancy of the product

    Our products have a warranty period of 7 months. This means that we replace the product within the warranty period if it breaks despite normal use, wear and care according to the manual. Save the receipt and the user manual where you have the LOT-number as well as the size of the item, which is valid as a guarantee certificate.

    In addition to the warranty, the Consumer Purchase Act applies, according to which you have three years to claim an original error on a product.

    The estimated life of an IQoro is one year. Depending on wear and individual differences in use, the service life may vary, which means that in some cases a product can wear out after the warranty period, but before the estimated service life.

    In connection with ordering, you agree that we store and use your information to complete and provide the service you can expect from us. We guarantee that no information will be passed on to third parties.

    Right of return

    As a private customer, you always have 14 days to cancel. For reasons of hygiene, as this is a medical device, a condition for the right of cancellation is that the seals of the product packaging (tape and perforated slip) are not broken and that the product is returned in unused, unchanged condition.

    It is important that you collect the package and then contact our customer service in order to exercise your right to cancel. 

    In the case of uncollected packages, we charge a fee of £39 (incl. VAT) to cover our costs in connection with the package being returned to us.

    You will need to use the return address label that is included in your delivery package. If you return your IQoro by any other method you’ll run the risk of having to pay a customs tariff too.


    If you have received an incorrect or defective item, it is important that you contact customer service as soon as possible. Describe what is defect and the reason for the complaint as comprehensively as possible and specify customer number and LOT-number.

    For the first six months after the purchase, the burden of proof lies with us that the defect did not exist from the beginning. After six months, you must be able to prove that it is an original defect.

    How you buy your IQoro

    This video goes through how you order an IQoro in our web shop and have it delivered to your home.

  • A Swedish innovation

    Internationally patented - Manufactured and shipped to you from the north of Sweden.

  • CE marked Class 1 Medical Device

    IQoro is based on many years of scientific evidence-based research, and is certified for sale and use in the EU and EEA countries (manuals available in English, Swedish, Danish,
    Norwegian, Finnish and German).

  • No side effects

    IQoro reinforces the body’s own natural swallowing systems, activates the nerve pathways and strengthens the muscles that they control

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