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Problems in Swallowing

Achalasia cardiae

Achalasia (Achalasia cardiae in latin) is a rare sickness of the esophagus that most often occurs in the ages 10 to 30 years [1]. It manifests itself as a disturbance of the motor ability both in the esophagus inner muscle layer, as well as in the lower esophagus mouth, also known as the upper stomach mouth […]

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Cancer of the face, mouth, head and neck

In this section we describe briefly how dysphagia can appear to be a symptom of cancer. Further we show how IQoro can help those that are having problems in the face, mouth, head, pharynx and neck region in connection with, or after, a cancer treatment.

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Abnormal bite- and jaw development

IQoro is a new and unique neuromuscular treatment method that requires just 30 seconds’ exercise, three times per day. Here we will show in overview how training with IQoro strengthens and improves the balance between different muscle groups in the face and oral cavity during the early growth period from approximately one years old.

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Dysphagia in the elderly

In this section, we show how carers and relatives can notice the common symptoms of dysphagia in elderly people. We also talk about possible treatments and how IQoro can help the elderly to retain, improve and regain basic life functions like the ability to eat, chew and swallow.

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Dysphagia in children

In this section we will discuss several congenital or inherited diseases which usually exhibit symptoms and problems in the face’s and mouth’s functions and how IQoro can help treating dysphagia in children from a young age.

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Facial paralysis and dysphaiga

In this section we shall look at the differences between central- and peripheral facial paralysis, and then focus on the latter. Finally, we will talk about how IQoro can help to retrain facial musculature.

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Dysphagia after stroke

Stroke is one of the most widespread diseases in the world and can strike at any time in life, from newborn to the elderly. In this section, we explain how stroke occurs, how you can quickly tell if someone has been affected, what problems can arise after the onset and how some of these weaknesses […]

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Dysphagia – Swallowing difficulties

Dysphagia, or difficulty in swallowing, means that a person has difficulty eating, chewing, swallowing and transporting food from the mouth to the stomach. Here you can read more about what causes dysphagia and how you can treat dysphagia using IQoro.

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Feels like a lump in the throat

Does it feel like a lump in your throat when swallowing? A lump in the back of the throat is an unpleasant experience that can cause worry and anxiety. Some people worry that food will get stuck when swallowing. On this page, we’ll explain common causes of a lump in the throat – and how […]

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