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IQoro – Treating reflux, snoring and dysphagia

Natural treatment of the causes behind reflux, heartburn, snoring and swallowing difficulties.
Improve within 6 months or get your money back.

  • 97% improve
  • Results guarantee
  • Available on prescription

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    Click here to visit us on our new official facebook page!
    Click here to visit us on our new official facebook page!

    How IQoro works

    IQoro activates nerve pathways and a total of 148 muscles, many of which cannot be reached otherwise.

    How IQoro affects your body and treats your symptoms.
    This is how easy it is to do the 30 seconds training.
    5.0 star rating

    “Relief was almost immediate. And four months later I’d say I’m largely cured.”

    Brant R, verified customer.
    • I’ve experienced a marked improvement of symptoms caused by my hiatus hernia and acid reflux.

      Customer review by Joy, verified customer.
    • Amazing little thing. Really works.

      Customer review by Rajen, verified customer.
    • I’ve been very impressed with my IQoro. It started to help reduce the symptoms of my hiatus hernia after only a few weeks.

      Customer review by Glenys, verified customer.
    • IQoro is amazing. It has completely transformed my life.

      Customer review by Marie, verified customer.
    • I have been using my IQoro for some 4 months now and the symptom relief is almost one hundred

      Customer review by Stephanie, verified customer.
    • Easy and quick to use. I am now down to one tablet every week to ten days. My heartburn is finally under control.

      Customer review by Diane, verified customer.

    Order IQoro before lunch and we will ship the same day

    IQoro is a Swedish invention, produced in the city of Nyköping.

    Our English speaking customer support is on hand to answer any questions by e-mail or phone prior and post purchase.

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    UK number: 01229 444 823 | | Other countries: +46 10 551 67 22

    Can IQoro help you?

    Take a simple, 3-minute self-test about hiatal hernia.

    You get an immediate answer and new knowledge about your symptoms.

    *The self-test does not show whether you can treat snoring, sleep apnoea or a neurological injury with IQoro.

    Get help from our app

    Custom stopwatch | Notifications | Symptom check | Instructions

    The IQoro app helps you get the best possible results from your IQoro.

    You can download the app for free from applicable app stores.

    Training with IQoro using the IQoro app as support

    Jane’s lifelong struggle with acid reflux ended in weeks

    Jane had an irritating cough and gunge in the back of her mouth. It interfered when she was speaking and singing, but after several weeks of using IQoro her symptoms are more or less gone.

    – I don´t wake up with a sore throat any more and I slept better since I used it. Read more

    Watch our live streams

    Learn more about IQoro, heartburn and other interesting subjects.

    Our Customer support team

    Free support – always

    We are on hand to answer all your questions – before and after purchase.

    UK: 01229 444 823 |

    IQoro in the NHS - a patient training

    Government-funded research

    Studies on training with IQoro have been carried out by research teams at Swedish universities with different specialisations, in e.g surgery, ear, nose and throat, speech pathology, gastrointestinal system and radiology.

    Read the published studies here.

    IQoro on prescription in the UK - click the banner for more info
    IQoro on prescription in the UK - click the banner for more info

    More than 100,000 people have already used IQoro

    Anders from ‘The Real Group’ stopped taking reflux medication

    For almost 40 years, singer, composer and arranger Anders Edenroth has toured the world with the award-winning singing group ‘The Real Group’. Despite great musical success, for many years he has actually had problems with his own instrument – his voice.

    I am completely symptom-free and no longer need to take any reflux medication.
    Read Anders’ story

    What is IQoro?

    IQoro is a neuromuscular treatment method that restores important functions in the body.

    It works by stimulating nerves and activating all the 148 muscles between your mouth and stomach that you use every time you swallow.

    A woman holding IQoro

    Many important functions in the body emanate from these 148 muscles. If one or more muscles are weakened, a number of different problems can occur, and you may have problems with hiatal hernia, snoring or swallowing

    What IQoro does, which has not previously been possible, is to train and strengthen this entire muscle chain. Including those muscles that you cannot activate consciously.

    When you train with IQoro, neural pathways in the mouth are stimulated that send signals up to the brain. The brain, in turn, tells different muscles all the way down to the diaphragm, stomach and upper abdomen to start working.

    The muscles are activated and over time they become stronger. As the muscles become stronger and the body’s functions are restored, your problems will decrease. Completely natural – without medication

    International Reflux Day 2023

    International Reflux Day

    On November 9, we talked about reflux with both Swedish and international guests and experts.

    Now you can watch the entire broadcast afterwards – or select the tidbits that you are most interested in.

    Partnership with RefluxUK

    We are partnering with RefluxUK – the largest reflux specialist clinic in the UK.

    Read more about RefluxUK

    Working in the UK Healthcare?

    Learn more about the treatment, evidence and how to prescribe IQoro to your patitent.

    An all-Swedish innovation

    Associate Professor Mary Hägg, from Hudiksvall, is the researcher behind IQoro.

    Here she tells the story behind the innovation – from thesis and prototype to a revolutionary treatment.