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Get rid of your symptoms – without medication

Natural treatment of the root cause behind acid reflux, heartburn and swallowing difficulties.

  • Scientifically proven effect
  • 97% improved in the studies
  • Always with results guarantee

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    How IQoro works

    IQoro activates the nerves and weakened muscles that cause your discomfort.

    When you use IQoro regularly, the muscles are strengthened and the discomfort disappears.

    The training routine is easy to implement and only takes 30 seconds.

    Can IQoro help you?

    Take a simple self-test online in 3 minutes – get your answer immediately

    *The self-test does not show whether you can treat snoring, sleep apnoea or a neurological injury with IQoro.

    A single treatment for many different symptoms

    IQoro treats a number of different symptoms – how is this possible?

    The explanation is that all different symptoms depend on the same underlying cause.

    5.0 star rating

    “An amazing product, has made such a difference to my life. “

    Rachel M., verified customer

    IQoro also treats snoring and sleep apnoea

    Training with IQoro strengthens the muscles in the entire swallowing process. Weakened muscles in the throat and upper airways lead to snoring and sleep apnoea.

    Therefore, IQoro is an effective treatment for both snoring and sleep apnoea.

    No drugs – no side effects

    Medications for heartburn and reflux are not a long-term solution to your problems, and only provide temporary relief.

    To get rid of the problems, it is necessary to stop the leakage of stomach acid up into the esophagus.

    Singer Anders Edenroth tells how he was able to stop taking acid-suppressing medications after discovering IQoro.

    IQoro on prescription

    IQoro is available on prescription in the UK on the NHS. This means your GP can prescribe IQoro as a treatment, if they find it to be a suitable treatment for you.

    Read about IQoro on prescription

    IQoro on prescription in the UK

    IQoro on prescription

    IQoro is available on prescription in the UK on the NHS. This means your GP can prescribe IQoro as a treatment, if they find it to be a suitable treatment for you.

    Read about IQoro on prescription

    Always with a results guarantee

    To show that it’s worth giving IQoro a chance to help you, the product always comes with a unique results guarantee.

    If you follow the instructions, but still do not improve within 6 months, you will get your money back.

    Order before lunch and we will ship the same day

    Our customer support are experts in your problems.

    Feel free to contact us, both before and after the purchase.

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    Government-funded research proves the effect

    Studies on training with IQoro are conducted by research teams at Swedish universities with various professions including surgery, ear-nose-throat, speech therapy, gastroenterology, and radiology.

    The research is funded by government funds and research foundations.

    Read all the published studies here

    Vårdpersonal visar patienten hur IQoro ska användas.
    IQoro as a part of your daily routine

    Always free support from our experts

    We answer all questions – before and after the purchase via chat, phone, and email.

    You can call us if you are wondering if IQoro can help with your specific problems, or if you need advice during the treatment.

    Get in touch with customer support

    IQoro as a part of your daily routine

    Watch us live and get answers to your questions

    Sign up for our livestream where we tell you everything you need to know about IQoro.

    We talk about the treatment, how it helps against various symptoms and show how the training is done.

    You do not need any special app or account to watch it.

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    The Daily Mirror har skrivit om IQoro

    A game changer

    IQoro offsets the need for surgery and medication

    Göteborg Posten har skrivit om IQoro

    A revolutionary invention

    A Swedish innovation

    IQoro is an innovation from Hälsingland in Sweden. The product is manufactured in the city of Nyköping and shipped from our warehouse in northern Sweden.

    Watch innovator Mary Hägg talk about the long journey from idea to finished product and how IQoro has changed the lives of her own patients.