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MYoroface Is a Swedish MedTech, research-based company that has developed and patented the product IQoro. IQoro helps people with hiatal hernia, eating and swallowing difficulties, snoring or sleep apnoea to regain their quality of life. Today, more than 20% of western populations are affected by these problems.



IQoro is now recognised by the UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) as a new innovative treatment for:

IQoro for stroke-related dysphagia read more here
IQoro for hiatus hernia read more here



 Our customers' stories


Five strokes and one IQoro® later

For Bengt Kedner, who has been afflicted by stroke five times, the IQoro® neuromuscular training device, delivers quality of life in a daily battle with his swallowing difficulties and snoring. Most recently, his mobility in his right-hand side has been restored...


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This is how I got rid of my snoring

It was amazing! To be able to treat yourself, during the day, with such a short training period of less than two minutes per day, is incredible.


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Swallowing difficulties – common but invisible

After just three months, Malin could notice successive improvement, and after three more months, she was free of all symptoms


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