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Treat the root cause of reflux, snoring and swallowing difficulties

IQoro treats the root cause of, for example, reflux, snoring and swallowing difficulties. 90 seconds of exercise per day provides proven effect by strengthening weakened internal muscles.

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What is IQoro?

IQoro is a neuromuscular training device that utilises the body’s own natural systems to strengthen the musculature from the mouth, upper airways, esophagus, down to the stomach.

These natural systems are linked to, and control, a number of important bodily functions, which explains why you treat the underlying cause of a whole range of symptoms at the same time. IQoro treatment is the result of evidence-based scientific research. 90 seconds’ simple training per day gives a proven effect.

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CE marked Class 1 Medical Device. Developed through evidence-based research.

A natural treatment without side-effects.
No drugs.

A Swedish invention. Manufactured and shipped from northern Sweden.

Test yourself

Hiatus hernia is the underlying cause of a number of symptoms, including acid reflux, heartburn, persistent cough, burping, flatulence, a chronic sensation of something stuck in the throat, swallowing difficulties, thick frothy phlegm, gurgly voice and chest pain.

Answer the questions in this simple online self-test and get an answer within 3 minutes as to whether a Hiatus hernia is the root cause of your symptoms.

More than 40,000 people have already used IQoro

Eva stopped snoring on the quite

Eva successfully cured her snoring – on the quiet

Eva from Gothenburg, Sweden, had no idea she snored. It came to light when she went on a trip with a friend.

In January, she went with her children and grandchildren on a skiing holiday and they could – to Eva’s joy and great relief – confirm that she had completely stopped snoring.
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Roger stopped using his snoring screen

Roger stopped using his snoring screen after a month

Roger had tried most things to help his snoring before he began training with IQoro. Thanks to this new treatment method, effective against both swallowing problems and snoring, Roger at last solved the problem of his nightly noise.

When I began to notice the results of IQoro after just a month, I stopped using the snoring screen because it chafed and was painful.
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This is how to train with IQoro

IQoro is a neuromuscular training device that stimulates nerve pathways and 148 muscles in the swallowing and respiratory processes – most can’t be reached by voluntary exercise. Each training session takes 30 seconds.

Place the device inside your lips but in front of your teeth, not inside your oral cavity.

Pull forwards firmly for 10 seconds, rest for 3 seconds. Repeat this this two more times. Done!

Perform this training session 3 times every day – with 2 hours between sessions for the best possible results.