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Home remedies for cough

Persistent cough can be both irritating and uncomfortable. Are you looking for a home remedy to relieve your cough? Here are some simple tricks that can help.

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Guide: Best foods for acid reflux – and how to get rid of it

These reflux-friendly foods can ease your symptoms. Make them a part of your daily diet to get better. And while you’re at it – get rid of your reflux once and for all with this groundbreaking treatment. Contrary to what many believe, you can get rid of your acid reflux. Reduce your reflux symptoms by […]

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Everything from the Reflux Day 2022

During the International Reflux Day 2022, we were on site at Stockholm Central Station. The day featured successful meetings, interesting lectures and a live stream in English that reached far beyond Sweden’s borders.  A big thank you to everyone who participated in International Reflux Day on the 9th November! You were with us on social media, you asked […]

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How can exercising inside the mouth treat a hiatus hernia?

How can the diaphragm actually get stronger by holding IQoro with your lips for 30 seconds? In this article, we explain how IQoro stimulates the body’s own nervous system and thus treats your problems.  A common question among our prospective customers is “how can exercising inside the mouth treat a hiatus hernia”?  The answer to that […]

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What is silent reflux in babies?

Sometimes babies can have silent reflux. This is when stomach acid flows up, ending up in the food pipe, but unlike normal reflux it doesn’t result in any visible vomiting.

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