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IQoro on prescription

IQoro is available on prescription in the UK on the NHS, but far from all healthcare professionals have yet heard of the treatment. On this page, you’ll find a document that you can bring to your healthcare contact when you want to bring up IQoro as a potential treatment option.

How to get IQoro on prescription

IQoro is available on prescription in the UK on the NHS since 2022. This means your GP can prescribe IQoro as a treatment, if they find it to be a suitable treatment for you.

However, IQoro is still a new device to many healthcare professionals. While some have prescribed it for years, others might not have heard of it at all yet.

That’s why you might need to tell your healthcare contact that IQoro exists, and ask them to see if this could be an option for your symptoms.

What might your GP say?

There might be times when clinicians might choose not to prescribe IQoro. This is probably for one of these reasons.

  1. Your GP might not see IQoro as the appropriate treatment for your condition. The relevant NICE guidelines list IQoro within their advice sections for reflux-based diseases and dysphagia conditions.
  2. Your GP might not be able to find IQoro in the Drug Tariff Listing. We have a page that offers all relevant information to prescribe IQoro: Prescribing IQoro.
  3. Some GPs in certain areas like to see a treatment listed on their local formularies as well as the national DTA listing. If this is the case, we can present the relevant effectiveness and cost/benefit data to your local CCG. Can you get your GP to connect us with them?

Getting an IQoro from your SLT

If you are under the care of an SLT (Speech and Language Therapist), due to swallowing difficulties or other conditions, they may refer you to your doctor with a recommendation that an IQoro is prescribed.


Why doesn’t my GP or physician know about IQoro?

IQoro is still a relatively new product, and therefore many doctors have not heard of it yet. Doctors have limited time to learn about new treatment methods and it can take time for new medical inventions to become established.

Is IQoro listed on the NHS?

Yes, IQoro is listed by NHS as a medical device for treating acid reflux and dysphagia since May 2022.

What is the NHS?

The NHS – National Heath Service – is the government funded medical and health care services in the UK.