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Events and webinars

This spring we’ll offer several livestreams on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. We’ll be deep diving into different themes and answer your questions in live Q&A sessions.

You’ll find more information and links to the events below, or in our social media channels.

Upcoming events

We are sending our digital events through both Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. You can watch our live streams without having an account on these platforms. Just click on any of the links below to join us.

If you would like a reminder for an event, or if you want to ask questions in the live chat, you’ll have to be logged in to one of the platforms.

February | Snoring and sleep apnoea

How to deal with a partner that is snoring

🗓 Thursday February 9th
🕚 12:00 (GMT)
🎤 Michelle Grassman, nurse and medically responsible
🇬🇧 This livestream will be in English

Snoring is a common problem that can cause a disturbed night’s sleep for both you and the person you share the bed with. But why do we snore, and how can you actually stop snoring? 

Livestream links are coming soon

April | Questions and answers about reflux

Bli fri från halsbränna

🗓 Friday April 14th
🕚 12:00 (GMT) 

🎤Michelle Grassman, nurse and medically responsible
🇬🇧 This livestream will be in English 

Do you have questions about reflux, hiatus hernia, heartburn, persistent dry cough or other reflux related symptoms? During our livestream, we will explain the different symptoms, answer your questions and let you know what you can do to reduce, relieve and even get free from your symptoms.

Links to the event is coming later

Previous events in 2023

January | Get started with your IQoro

Training with IQoro using the IQoro app as support

🗓 Tuesday January 24th
🕚 12:00-12:30 (GMT)
🎤 Michelle Grassman, nurse and medically responsible and IQoro Coach, Jörgen Westerlund.
🇬🇧 This livestream will be in English

Have you decided to start the IQoro training, or do you feel unsure how training with IQoro really works? During this live stream we will answer your questions and show you the training live.

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