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Doctor Eje: “I finally got rid of my snoring”

Eje Åhlander, a doctor, has snored for many years, with night-time breathing interruption (sleep apnoea) at times, too. The solution for him was IQoro, a neuromuscular training device and regime.

IQoro activates the body’s nerve system and strengthens the musculature in the upper air pathways.

Approximately 60 % of men and 40 % of women, over 40 years old, snore. Some of these do not suffer from it themselves, but for family members it can cause a problem. A bit of a taboo problem really, when it can lead to separate bedrooms.

Eje Åhlander, a specialist in general medicine at a health centre in Jämtland, Sweden, wasn’t troubled himself by his snoring.

– On the other hand, it badly affected my wife, also a doctor, which didn’t feel good.

Through an acquaintance, I got to hear about a IQoro, neuromuscular exercise device which could be effective against snoring. To Eje’s surprise the exercise had a positive result after only a short while, and he was cured of both snoring and sleep apnoea.

I can really strongly recommend IQoro to anyone with the same problems.

–  It was amazing! To be able to treat yourself, during the day, with such a short training period of 90 seconds per day, is incredible.

Nowadays peace reigns at night in their house in Kälarne.

– To my wife’s huge relief! laughs Eje.

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