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Doctor Eje: “I finally got rid of my snoring”

Eje Åhlander, a doctor, has snored for many years, with night-time breathing interruption (sleep apnoea) at times, too. The solution for him was IQoro, a neuromuscular training device and regime.

IQoro activates the body’s nerve system and strengthens the musculature in the upper air pathways.

Approximately 60 % of men and 40 % of women, over 40 years old, snore. Some of these do not suffer from it themselves, but for family members it can cause a problem. A bit of a taboo problem really, when it can lead to separate bedrooms.

Eje Åhlander, a specialist in general medicine at a health centre in Jämtland, Sweden, wasn’t troubled himself by his snoring.

– On the other hand, it badly affected my wife, also a doctor, which didn’t feel good.

Through an acquaintance, I got to hear about a IQoro, neuromuscular exercise device which could be effective against snoring. To Eje’s surprise the exercise had a positive result after only a short while, and he was cured of both snoring and sleep apnoea.

I can really strongly recommend IQoro to anyone with the same problems.

–  It was amazing! To be able to treat yourself, during the day, with such a short training period of 90 seconds per day, is incredible.

Nowadays peace reigns at night in their house in Kälarne.

– To my wife’s huge relief! laughs Eje.

5.0 star rating

“The IQoro has greatly reduced my snoring and has reduced the bouts of sleep apnoea. Brilliant, thanks!”

Garry W, verified customer.

Rolf’s daytime tiredness and headache disappeared

“Despite the fact that I saw what success IQoro had with my wife Berith’s swallowing difficulties, I was sceptical. Typical of us men to be so critical! We want clinical evidence to support everything, perhaps the fact that I’m a lawyer doesn’t help.”

After just a few weeks’ training I noticed the results. Today I snore very seldom and the night-time breathing suspension problem is gone. Read Rolf’s story

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