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Maja got rid of her stabbing pain in the ribs

Maja had been eating antacids for decades and eating was associated with fear. She describes the results that came with the training "as a magic trick".

“For the whole of my adult life I have had problems with my stomach mucus, heartburn, LPR, and excessive saliva production. I have also suffered from an intense, stabbing pain under my rib cage. Night-times have been the worst. Sometimes the pain has been so unbearable that I thought I was having a heart attack.

When I had a gastroscopy 20 years ago, they found that I had a build-up of scar tissue that suggested earlier stomach ulcers.

Now, looking back, I realise that’s it is very likely that I also had a Hiatal hernia, something that does not always show up in an ordinary gastroscopy.

I have always had a lust for living and liked to be active, but this has limited my life.

The training with IQoro allowed me to stop taking the medicine

By chance I stumbled over an advertisement for the IQoro neuromuscular training device. I remember thinking: Can something this simple really help me?

But I had nothing to lose. I called MYoroface and within four days I had the product in my hand. I followed the instruction manual meticulously. It felt like magic! After just a few weeks something had happened and I stopped taking the Losec antacid medicine, which I had been prescribed for decades.

I didn’t dare tell anyone: it was all just so unlikely. But in the end, I couldn’t keep it to myself and I told my mother who suffers from the same problem, and she bought one too.

I no longer have to be afraid to eat

I trained consistently with IQoro for three months and have only had the stabbing rib pain once since then. My problem is now eradicated and I am much fitter and more mobile than before.

The biggest win, is that I no longer live with the same fear of whether I can eat or not.

The absolute biggest win, is that I no longer live with the same fear of whether I can eat or not; although I still think about it. I haven’t dropped my IQoro. Instead I still train with it sometimes, although in all honesty it’s not much more than a comfort blanket for me now.

It is fantastic to have an aid which has no side effects. To others with the same problem, I can only say:  ’Try IQoro, it really makes a difference!”

Maja Wennerlund, 65 years old, Piano teacher

5.0 star rating

“I have definitely seen an improvement in my symptoms. I have less pain from my hiatus hernia. I can finally eat without getting as much pain and have started to put on weight. Would highly recommend using IQoro.”

Karen M, verified customer.

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