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Jane’s lifelong struggle with acid reflux ended in weeks

Jane had an irritating cough and gunge in the back of her mouth. It interfered when she was speaking and singing, but after several weeks of using IQoro her symptoms are more or less gone.

Jane Field had suffered from throat problems since childhood. In the morning she would wake up with a sore throat and gunge at the back of the mouth.

During the day she coughed and often felt the need to clear her throat.

Get to know your symptoms

Do you have similar symptoms as Jane? Have a read on our page about acid reflux to understand the inner workings of reflux.

She got an appointment with a speech therapist

Tired of the annoying symptoms she got an appointment with a speech and language therapist.

– The speech therapist used IQoro herself because she had a hiatus hernia. So she actually recommended it in the first place, Jane says.

She started with IQoro and got off the PPIs

Jane was prescribed PPIs to treat her throat symptoms which were getting worse. The PPIs worked well but she had a looming worry about what was next.

– I was afraid that when I ended the medication, the symptoms would come back. So I started using the IQoro as I was finishing the medication, and it’s been transformative.

– I don´t wake up with a sore throat any more and I slept better since I used it.

PPIs relieve reflux symptoms but they don’t treat the cause behind the problem.

The symptoms are gone

– I don´t wake up with a sore throat any more and I slept better since I used it. My singing voice has improved. That is much, much better. Just overall I feel much better.

IQoro with a cup of tea three times a day

Woman putting an iqoro into her handbag before leaving home

Treating oneself with IQoro takes 30 seconds, three times a day. Many do it at breakfast, lunch and dinner time. Jane has made IQoro a part of her cup of tea routine.

– I leave the IQoro by the kettle. I’m English so I’m a tea drinker, and I have a cup of tea with every meal. That’s three times a day.

– I will usually use IQoro while I’m boiling the kettle to make my cup of tea. That works very well.

Sometimes reflux medicine has no effect

Some reflux-related symptoms have other causes than stomach acid. Because of this, medication has no effect.

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The treatment will keep the symptoms at bay

The IQoro device is now a regular habit for Jane. She is determined to continue with the treatment, and she’s confident her old symptoms will always be kept at bay.

– It’s so wonderful to be free of symptoms after so many years. You get used to them – you think this is my life. So now I’m prepared to do the treatment for the rest of my life, rather than suffer or take medication.

5.0 star rating

“After nearly 50 years of acid reflux I have found something that reduces symptoms without medication or side effects. Improvements started after about 10 weeks and now I can eat most things without problems.”

John B, verified customer.

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