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Anders from ‘The Real Group’ stopped taking reflux medication

For almost 40 years, singer, composer and arranger Anders Edenroth has toured the world with the award-winning singing group ‘The Real Group’. Despite great musical success, for many years he has actually had problems with his own instrument – his voice.

We meet Anders on an overcast August day in Södermalm, Stockholm, to hear his story. From when he learned 20 years ago that he was suffering from reflux, to years of acid-suppressing medication and finally how treatment with IQoro led him to a symptom-free life without medications.

Fear of losing your voice

We are sitting at Café Mariaberget, on the heights of the northern part of Södermalm in Stockholm when Anders comes cycling down the cobbled street for our meeting. He sits with us and immediately begins to tell us his story in the calm and nuanced way that then characterises our entire conversation.

IQoro is an amazing piece of the puzzle that you have to put together as a singer.

He says that all singers are afraid of losing their voice. If it doesn’t work properly, you can lose your foundation completely. Therefore, it is very common for singers to keep a small pharmacy with various medications, herbal remedies and home remedies to keep their voice in tip top shape before a performance.

“I think IQoro is an amazing piece of the puzzle that you have to put together as a singer when you have to keep your instrument in tune to reach your true potential.

The Success of ‘The Real Group’

In 1984, Anders formed the famous a cappella group ‘The Real Group’ together with four other former students from Adolf Fredrik’s music classes.

The repertoire includes everything from classical choral music and songs to jazz and pop, and Anders is responsible for the vast majority of the arrangements.

Since its inception 40 years ago, ‘The Real Group’ has toured the world and performed over 2,700 times. In total, they spend about 100 nights a year in hotels. But despite the success, Anders had problems with his own most important working tool – his voice – for a long time. 

“I have heard recordings from my teenage years where it is quite obvious that I have a reflux problem. I’m speaking hoarsely. It doesn’t sound that healthy.” 

Life as a musician on a world tour meant that the voice had to work. Anders went to a singing teacher and received exercises to practice, but his voice did not improve. Instead, Anders adapted the vocals in the band’s repertoire to fit his voice and the singing technique he practiced in order to sing. 

The voice problems turned out to be caused by reflux

Anders says that he could arrive at a gig and scare the concert organiser by trying to talk with his hoarse speaking voice. Sometimes the organisers even thought they would have to cancel the entire concert when they heard how bad he sounded. But Anders had developed a singing technique that worked, even though the voice didn’t. 

Eventually, Anders realised that he needed to seek care for his voice problems. The voice doctor he met explained that his voice problems were down to reflux

Anders had his vocal cords examined with a camera and the doctor noted that one vocal cord was twice as thick as the other. This was a result of the fact that for many years stomach acid had affected one of the vocal cords. 

His voice improved by taking acid-suppressing medications

After the doctor determined that Anders was suffering from reflux, he had to start taking acid-suppressing medications. Anders says that his reflux diminished almost immediately, but that then new and unexpected problems occurred. In the middle of his career, he had to learn to sing again.

My singing technique was not adapted to two symmetrical, healthy vocal cords.

“My singing technique at the time was not adapted to two symmetrical, healthy vocal cords. When I learned to sing again, I was able to hold longer phrases and get further down the tonal register. An amazing experience.” 

Anders knew that he would have to continue with acid-suppressing medication in order to prevent his voice problems returning in the future. At the same time, he felt uncomfortable taking medications for the rest of his life.

Stopped taking medications thanks to IQoro

Last year, Anders talked to a friend who recommended he try IQoro. He became curious when he realised that the treatment method could help him stop taking the acid-suppressing medications.

I am completely symptom-free and no longer need to take any reflux medication.

“I have now been using IQoro for about a year, am completely symptom-free and no longer need to take any reflux medication. I no longer have problems with my singing voice and sing more easily than before.”

In addition, it turned out that Anders had other symptoms of reflux which he was not aware were connected. When stomach acid stopped coming up into his throat and mouth, he stopped getting holes in his teeth and also noticed that his breath was getting better. 

“These were effects I was not expecting, but positive effects nonetheless. I can see that the effects continue using IQoro.”

Anders also mentions that he realises that he also no longer snores as much as before. An unexpected bonus. 

“A good habit that makes you feel good”

During our conversation, lunch has ended and we take the opportunity to take a walk on Södermalm to take photographs and listen to Anders’ history. 

Red wooden fences line Blecktornsgränd down towards Mariaberget’s viewing point. There we stop and soak up the scent of the water and the view of Kungsholmen and the Old Town.

Anders emphasises that he will continue using IQoro even when he stops singing professionally, because he does not want his sick vocal cords, nor his snoring, bad breath and deteriorating dental health to return.

“IQoro is completely free of side effects and you actually only need to train for a few minutes a day to get rid of the problems. It’s the same as brushing your teeth every day or exercising to stay in shape. These are good habits that make you feel good throughout life.

5.0 star rating

“This device has been life changing for me. I have been able to stop taking PPI medication and rarely wake up coughing in the middle of the night now.”

Kate O, verified customer.

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