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I was worried about the side effects of PPI’s

Linda found a way to cure her acid reflux problem without taking any medicines. Now the symptoms are gone and she feels like herself again.

My name is Linda Hardy and I’m 61 years old. This is my story.

Some time ago I began to suffer with acid reflux. It came on quite suddenly. I began to suffer a burning sensation in my throat and chest, which gave me a lot of discomfort. Often I woke up in the night because of the irritation, then found it hard to go back to sleep.

I worried because my mother and several other older people I knew suffered acid reflux. Perhaps it was an inevitable part of aging?

I read that anti acid remedies and sleeping with my head raised on high pillows might help. It didn’t. The relief was only temporary.

I read that sleeping with my head raised on high pillows might help. It didn’t help. I took anti acid remedies but the relief was only temporary.

The negative side effects from the medication got me thinking

My doctor eventually prescribed proton pump inhibitors (PPI’s), but the first type I was given caused me to have an upset stomach. I ended up taking omeprazole, but was not happy to read the long list of possible side effects listed inside the packet.

Can a simple piece of plastic cure my problem?

When I saw the IQoro training device advertised I was initially very sceptical. How could a simple piece of plastic possibly cure my problem with acid reflux? But I was unhappy with the idea of taking medicines for the rest of my life. So in the end I decided to take a chance and give it a try.

At least it couldn’t do me any harm! It seemed quite expensive for such a small piece of equipment. But I really did want to find a cure.

The pain is gone

Just over three months since beginning to use the device each day, I stopped taking the omeprazole tablets to see what would happen.

I feel like myself again.

To my surprise, the reflux symptoms did not come back. It’s only been a few weeks since then, but so far I have had no pain or burning sensation at all. At night, I can sleep normally and I feel like myself again.

I have made some minor modifications to my diet. Now I eat less starchy and sugary foods now, so perhaps that has helped too.

Money currently being spent on medicines could perhaps be saved.

I wish our National Health Service would look into the possible benefits of the IQoro device for people suffering acid reflux. Money currently being spent on medicines prescribed over many years could perhaps be saved.

5.0 star rating

“After nearly 50 years of acid reflux I have found something that reduces symptoms without medication or side effects. Improvements started after about 10 weeks and now I can eat most things without problems.”

John B, verified customer.

A few months with IQoro got Julie off the PPIs

One night about ten years ago her acid reflux suddenly started, always reappearing at bedtime! PPIs and lifestyle changes didn’t help. But after a little more than 3 months of treatment with IQoro Julie Lane is once again sound asleep at night.

Eventually I thought “Well, I got nothing to lose really, apart from 150 pounds worth”. It was the best 150 pounds ever spent so I´m not complaining now. Read more

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