Eva cured her snoring – on the quiet

Eva Hjalmarsson from Gothenburg, Sweden, had no idea she snored. It came to light when she went on a trip with a friend.

– It was so embarrassing when she needed to nudge me to wake me. I found it difficult to accept that I, as a woman, snored. I thought I was the only one that had the problem.

Despite the fact that Eva is a retired nurse, she was not aware that women snore too. Studies show that 40% of all women over 40 years old snore, and that for men of the same age the figure is 60%. Many snorers don’t suffer themselves, but for those around them it can be a problem. The fact is that many couples have separate bedrooms.

– Perhaps we women don’t dare talk about snoring. When I asked around, none of my friends snored, so I said nothing either.

For safety’s sake, she asked the advice of a doctor, but he merely concluded that Eva was neither overweight nor had high blood pressure. Therefore, there was no danger in her case. He said that all people get weakened, slackened musculature as they get older.

– But I was only 55, says Eva indignantly.

Even if her snoring was not causing any health problems for Eva, she still wanted to find a way to solve her little secret.

– Because I’m a social person I didn’t want this to limit me. I found for example, that if I slept on my front, my snoring would be better.

But then Eva saw an advertisement for a health exhibition in Gothenburg, where a company demonstrated a neuromuscular training device which, amongst other things, helped those that snore.

– Good! I thought. Then I can do something myself about the problem.

In November 2014, Eva began to train with the IQoro neuromuscular device; three sessions per day, usually before meals.

In January, she went with her children and grandchildren on a skiing holiday and they could – to Eva’s joy and great relief – confirm that she had completely stopped snoring.

– My family were the only ones that knew that I snored. But they had no idea that I had exercised away my problem. Oh well, I just seem to have grown out of it! I said.

In March, Eva travelled on a new journey, with the same friend as before, and this time her room-mate didn’t need to nudge Eva.

– I think the treatment method is both simple and easy to perform. You just need to associate the exercise with some other habit so that you don’t forget. As an extra bonus, I think that my neck has become smoother, and my double chin has reduced. We’re all a bit vain, aren’t we? It’s nice when everything goes the right way, laughs Eva who usually impresses her grandchildren by performing cartwheels.

Eva Hjalmarsson, retired nurse, Gothenburg