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Hans had a painful hiatal hernia – doctors couldn’t help him

After 50 years of playing golf, Hans had to stop. Every golf swing hurt, and there was no help from the healthcare system. But after three months of training with IQoro, he could start playing golf again.

Hans suffered a painful hiatal hernia that made it difficult for him to move. But when he started training with IQoro, he quickly improved.

He is critical of the fact that it has been so difficult to get IQoro on prescription from the healthcare system. Partly for everyone who suffers unnecessarily, but also because of all the unnecessary visits to the doctor that cost taxpayer money.

“Imagine if I had managed to get hold of IQoro before undergoing all those examinations. Three different hospitals to have X-rays, an MRI and three gastroscopies done. And at what cost?”

“For me, it’s given results. Clear as day. I mean, I can even play golf again!”

Woman putting an iqoro into her handbag before leaving home
IQoro in product box. IQoro effectively treats a hiatal hernia.

It started with severe pain

– The pain started when I was playing golf. It hurt terribly! At A&E, they thought it was my heart or lungs. But they found nothing.

After being discharged from A&E, Hans visited his medical centre. There, the doctor suspected that the pain might be due to a hiatal hernia. It was the beginning of a long series of examinations.

“They did a gastroscopy at the hospital where they saw that there was something wrong with my diaphragm. So, I was referred to another hospital, where they did another gastroscopy.

Do you have chest or midriff pain?

Sometimes a hiatal hernia can cause pain in the chest or midriff, but such pain can also be a sign of angina or a heart attack.

It is therefore important to seek medical care if the pain is recent and is quickly deteriorating. This is to ensure that it is not due to any serious illness.

The stomach went up into the chest cavity

At the hospital, Hans learned that he had a hiatal hernia. When he turned, his stomach went up through the hole in the diaphragm and up into the chest cavity where it stuck. That’s what hurt so much.

“After the examination, I got to see the surgeon, and she said that unfortunately she couldn’t do anything about my problems. I would have to live with it for the rest of my life.

“You’ll have to live with this for the rest of your life”

“Surely something can be done,” I asked. “Can’t it be operated on?” Operations like that were done in another hospital, so I got a referral there.

But at that hospital, the answer was equally disappointing. Hans had to have an X-ray of his oesophagus and do swallowing exercises. But afterwards he got the same answer: they couldn’t operate and he would have to live with the pain for the rest of his life.

Do you have a hiatal hernia?

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The pain only got worse

Quitting golf was a great sadness. The sport had been one of Hans’ great interests. But it didn’t stop there – the discomfort only got worse. In the end, even everyday chores became difficult to do.

“I couldn’t turn. When I showered, I had severe pain in my stomach. Even when I emptied the dishwasher or put on my coat, it hurt.”

Hiatal hernia. The stomach slides up above the diaphragm.

Saw an ad for IQoro

Now the options were dwindling. The doctors had said several times that nothing could be done. But despite all the setbacks, Hans refused to give up. And by chance, he saw an ad in an evening newspaper.

“It was about the diaphragm, so I went to the pharmacy and asked for IQoro. They were familiar with it. “But we don’t have it here”, they said. “Ask at the hospital.”

IQoro could be found at the hospital. But not just anybody could prescribe it — only speech therapists.

– So I contacted a speech therapist. And she said the same thing, that “No, unfortunately, it’s not going to help you. And therefore, we can’t prescribe it.”

Physiotherapist prescribed IQoro

It was really hard to get IQoro prescribed. However, as well as searching for IQoro, Hans regularly visited a physiotherapist for his back problems. During a visit, he explained about the product.

“She said that she might perhaps be able to prescribe it.” Then she called me an hour later. “Yes, I can”, she said. “Come and see me tomorrow and we can try one.”

Training with IQoro using the IQoro app as support
IQoro with free training app.

Three months of training made a huge difference

After three weeks of training with IQoro, Hans felt a big difference. And the symptoms of the hiatal hernia steadily decreased.

“I didn’t get better straightaway, but after about three months of training, I was able to start playing golf again. And after six months, I felt great. It has given me a whole new life!”

“It has given me a new lease of life!”

The proof: that he himself has become better

Hans dismisses any critique about IQoro not working. He believes that he is living proof. After all, he no longer suffers from a hiatal hernia.

“Some people say what, that little piece of plastic? That’s the placebo effect! Yeah, sure. But for me, it’s given results. Clear as day. I mean, I can even play golf again! A mean game of golf! Last autumn, my handicap improved from 9.2 to 8.7!”

5.0 star rating

“I have used the IQoro for 5 months after several years of discomfort, and it has made a significant difference to my symptoms.”

Cal C, verified customer.

Pia stopped being short of breath

For many years, Pia had difficulty climbing stairs. Her hiatus hernia left her short of breath and produced acid reflux. But after nine months of training with IQoro, she got rid of her severe shortness of breath and now copes with stairs without any problems.

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